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I've been using win 7 ultimate for the last few months now, I finally made the switch (sorta) from xp. It runs quick and smoothly that's for sure. I like it enough that I may even go buy a legit copy. loljb.gif

I like chrome, but still find it rather clunky when it comes to organization. I tend to use it mostly when using google wave. I am however looking forward to trying out the OS google is developing, looks pretty interesting.

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When I put in the disc I had two options: upgrade on top of Vista or clean install. I chose clean install since I'd already backed up my data.

I was surprised though that it didn't format my hard drive, but I definitely picked the clean install option.

I had thought of formatting my hard drive and then trying to install Windows 7 but I was concerned that it wouldn't recognize my existing Vista license and not allow me to proceed.

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Just the standard stuff (Thunderbird, Chrome, OpenOffice). The problem started happening within the first day anyway. It's intermittent so not a big deal... I just wanted to report that contrary to the MS party line, not everyone is having a better experience with 7 than Vista.

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"MS party line" Did you mean the one comment about not having errors? ;)

A lot of reports out there from people having the same issues Ollie. Especially random reboots, lock-ups and loads of critical errors in event log regarding "sidebyside" errors, kernel level errors and DNS errors I believe. It's M$ I expect no less.

All I've experienced has been two complete lock ups - but remedied that easily enough with removing the incompatible programs and updating my drivers. Disabling all IPv6 stuff also seemed to help as it isn't really mainstream here yet from my understanding.

But really though, windows 7 is exactly the same as vista but with a few tweaks, trims and new options. Vista was such a mess for the first year or so that M$ offered (for free) people the option of downgrading back to XP.

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