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Other Funky Jazz? (HH's, RTF etc. )


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willy, i have this show, but i haven't given it a good listen:

immy Smith


House of Blues

Cambridge, MA

Jimmy Smith - organ (calls himself Groove Holmes at end of track 7)

Herman Riley - sax

Phil Upchurch - guitar

Tommy Campbell - drums (JS's nephew)

Set 1

1. Intro > JS tells ppl in the back to shutup

2. Root Down/8 Counts for Rita

3. The Sermon

4. Guitar Solo (Improv)

5. Back at the Chicken Shack

6. Intro > Drum Solo > St. Thomas

7. Dot Com Blues

Set 2

1. Intro

2. Baby It's Cold Outside

3. Side Mouthin'

4. Guitar Solo ('Round Midnight)

5. Guitar Solo (?)

6. Mood Indigo

7. After Hours

Source: DAUD

Schoeps mk4->BR Box->SBM-1->M1 @44.1kHz R500->Audio Magic Presto II->ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn

i guess i'll cue it up next...

Thanks for the suggestion...

i'm going to check out Lou Donaldson. Soulive is quite good for new funky groove, i've seen them twice i think.

Didn't they play a post phish show in Toronto?

Anyways, keep the suggestions coming, and thanks for those who've given them...

[big Grin]

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I would second Rare Earth, and would point you to Tom Scott as well. I mean, the guy composed the theme to Starsky and Hutch for one, played with the L.A. Express as Joni Mitchell's backing band on "Miles of Aisles" and has worked with all sorts of people in the realm your talking about, Steely Dan and Pink Floyd among others such as Joni.

That being said, some of his stuff is garbage. Go to Allmusic.com and listen to cuts from his CDs and decide for yourself as I am not terribly familiar with his solo work

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Hey Steve--where you been?

(conspiciously absent on STG)

Try some of these cats if you're looking for the new & wonderful..

Tony Williams Believe It (w/Allan Holdsworth)

Larry Coryell gtr Eleventh House or solo stuff

Gary Burton vbs(+ others on the ECM label)

Terje Rypdal gtr

Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition dms& sxs

Gateway(J.DeJohn/J.Abercrombie & Dave Holland)

John Abercrombie gtr

Jean Luc Ponty vln

Ralph Towner / Oregon

Bill Connors gtr

I'll think of more later....Nn

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Oops..that was more progressive than funky....

Maybe these...

Jean Luc Ponty - Cosmic Messenger, Upon The Wings of Music or Egnimatic Ocean(w/Holdsworth)

Tom Scott sx (LA Express -Robben Ford gtr)

Deodato kbd

John Klemmer sx

Pat Martino (fusak period was pretty cool- try Joyous Lake)


Weather Report


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Ahhh.the memory ..coming back..

Billy Cobham (w/Tommy Bolin) -Spectrum

(this is the lp that inspired Jeff Beck to do "Blow by Blow" and "Wired")

Lenny White - Venusian Summer w/ DiMeola and Coryell(or J.McLaughlin on gtrs)

The George Benson lps on CTI were commercial but some great stuff there....Bad Benson, Beyond the Blue Horizon...killer...

The Crusaders (Larry Carelton gtr)

That should hold 'ya for now...N

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well, i'm over my head in b&p packages, but i've been keeping on top of things...

i haven't seeded anything on STG in a little while, cause quite fankly, there has been so much killer stuff, i've been waiting for a lull...

i'm going to seed some 2000's jazz from the jazz fests soon...maybe a triple seed...

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Originally posted by kung:

Lou Donaldson is not so funky really but he has this B3 organ player in his band (wears a turban -fairly famous) that makes the sound swing.

I believe his name is Lonnie Smith.

Lou Donaldson is good, but not great. He's more soulful than funky, really. A not-bad album is "The Natural Soul" - Grant Green plays some nice guitar on it. Again, it's good, but hardly essential.

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Lou Donaldson did have Lonnie Smith on a few albums, but for some kicking B3 funk check out Lonnie Smith's album 'Move Your Hand'

A cool Lou Donaldson album is 'Mr. Shing-a-Ling' and this will hush all the 'he's not funky' nay-sayers....

For some more acid jazzy stuff, check out Marc Moulin's Placebo Sessions.

If you've exhausted Herbie's headhunters stuff, and don't have it, I say grab 'Thrust' which is my fave Herbie album, better than 'Headhunters'

Also, Herbie's 'Mwandishi' has been re-released by Warner and is a kicking 2 CD complete set...

Some other notables:

Donald Byrd - Electric Byrd - tripped out miles style trumpet with delays, it's laid back but cool...

Donald Byrd - Ethiopian Knights - 3 tracks, 2 15+ minute ones and a short ballad in between....wicked!!

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