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Diesel Dog Fri. Dec. 5 Kitchener venue change

mark tonin

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This show was originally scheduled to be at the Walper Pub, but I got the call yesterday ... new management, no more bands ... blah blah blah.

By some miracle, upstairs at the Lancaster Tavern was free, so the gig has been moved there.

Here is the info:

Diesel Dog

with opening band Harvard Mouse

Fri. Dec. 5

upstairs at the Lancaster Tavern

show starts at 9 p.m.

$5 at the door

19 +

Please help to spread the word to anyone that was told this gig was at the Walper.

Fortunately we've got a big show at the Lanc tomorrow night, which will make it easier to let lots of people know about next Friday's venue change.

Peace, Mark

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You guys are too kind ... I'll be playing some bass, and some congas/percussion, and I'll be doing some singing (or at least trying to), along with my band mates.

Harvard Mouse is a group of guys (5 in total) that I've known for a while now (15+ years) and that I've jammed with on and off over that time. We currently play mostly cover songs, with some jams and perhaps an original song or two mixed in. Pretty loose, but hopefully tight enough so that people can get into the groove. Covers include a healthy dose of the Dead, Neil Young, etc.

We are all nervously excited about this Friday ... it should be lots of fun ... hopefully getting up on stage to play some music won't make us too jittery. And I'll certainly be ready to dance and party once we're done playing and Diesel Dog takes the stage. Maybe some of the dogs and mice will mix it up for this show ... we'll see what unfolds ...

Peace, Mark

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i'm in! tonin-hosted fun on my home turf, how COULD i miss out?! not to mention all the fun that seems to follow diesel dog wherever they play.

nice, harvard mouse is your band, mark? haha, that's funny, i saw your flyer at the lanc this past weekend and commented to miss pink on what a great name that was for a band. looking forward to hearing you guys!

whooohooo, another great weekend on the way!

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