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cuff the duke vs. nero - round 2


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thursday december 18th

cuff the duke (the underground - hamilton)


nero (jimmy jazz - guelph)

looks like NERO is gonna win this round as far as i'm concerned!!!!

ps (subtopic) -- how was that CtD show in Peterborough? Anyone go? I hear that ratski is going to be playing a recording of it on his radio show on Trent Radio next Tuesday I believe.. Available through the Web. Ratski maybe you can hook us up with the info?

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nero on Thursday in Guelph for sure, and I'm almost positive it's at The Trasheteria and not at Jimmy Jazz.

Addison Groove Project and Diesel Dog on Friday in Hamilton for me, unless they invent a time travel machine by then so that I can also hit up the nero with Bob Wiseman show in Toronto.

Saturday ... hmmm ... I'll see if anything is left in the gas tank ...

Peace, Mark

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cuff the duke ive seen about 5\6 times same with nero- i have never been bored and they have constantly surpased my expectations, nero is good really good at what they do, but i guess it really depends on what kind of music you like more, more jam stuff or more indie\countryish stuff, however the real sway is that i am fucking opening for cuff the duke and i am better than nero, and cuff the duke,

i should be b.a. versus the fucking world and i think that i would win

also another great guelph show on the 20th with i think cuff the duke, jim guthrie, noah 23 barmitzvah brothers and more at cafe aquarious maybe.

cuff the duke in peterborough was pretty amazing by the way- if only okay why but a tshirt and a cd?

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