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Is Twiddle the Donald Trump of jambands?

Jay Funk Dawg

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I thought this was pretty hilarious.. no offence to Twiddle fans!

Reported from NYC Freaks:

1) The band hasn't done much of anything, but they get talked about constantly by very vocal minority.

2) If you actually hear what the band has to say and process it, it's hard for an intelligent music fan with good taste to not be at least a little revolted. 
3) Just like Trump says something sensible every once in a while, I'm sure Twiddle drops a decent jam here and there. 
4) But most important, check out Twiddle's band bios and rewrite them in the first person. 
Mihali Trump-Lead Vocals, Guitar
I'm a guitar player’s guitar player. My extraordinary capability to shred is accompanied by my mesmerizing vocals. From the electric to the acoustic, to my solo looping madness, my jamming is evolving constantly.
Literally, I play guitar every single day.
Ryan Trump- Keys, Organ, Synth, Vocals
From clean organ tones to keyboard funk, my tickling of the ivories is on par with the greatest masters.
My playing style mirrors Herbie Hancock, John Medeski, & Bernie Worrell, all while writing music that shares my own dynamic musical personality. Do you believe in Aliens?
One more note, if Twiddle is Trump, the Disco Biscuits are most definitely Ted Cruz. Phish would be Obama. Umphrey's is Hillary (the heir apparent but still tragically flawed and inspires so much venomous hate from people who don't like her). Moe is Jill Stein (does everything right but will never been a major factor). JRAD is Bernie Sanders (we believe in it and get behind it 100 percent even though we know the premise to too flawed to achieve mass popular success). 
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