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Les Chansons de Grateful Dead (w Barr Brothers)- MTL June 17

Northern Wish

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Li'l Andy:  

Members of @thebarrbrothers and members of @patrickwatsonofficial doing some fine tuning on rehearsals for "A Long, Strange Trip", a Grateful Dead tribute show happening this Friday as part of the @festivalsurlecanal 

I'll be singing with them. This band is a serious force.

Oh. And the photo is blurry. The jam was so groovy that my phone just couldn't handle it.



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Setlist so far...

The other one (Colin Stetson solo)
Brown eyed women (Brad vocals)
Tennessee Jed (Katie Moore)
Box of Rain (Katie Brad Joe vocals)
Ripple (single mic)
Easy wind (w/ Peter Mika and someone else?)
Me and my uncle
Sugaree (w/ Steve Hill) >

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This has stood out to me the most. I highly doubt anything else will in the setlist:

Box of Rain (Katie Brad Joe vocals)


That shit aint easy people. It goes all over the place. That would have been the song each member had to work on the most let alone having to sing it. It sounds simple but guess what. No one covers it (aside from Day Of The Dead which is a version I love). 

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