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moe. Syracuse March 4th


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Anyone interested in this show?

Im thinking about it but would be going solo at the moment.

Just look at this craziness from the Northampton show...




Waiting for the Punchline

Prestige Worldwide



Seat of My Pants



Set 2:

Tubing the River Styx


The Pit


Deep This Time

(> 'Pit' reprise >)

Recreational Chemistry

(> 'Pit' reprise >)



Brent Black


Letter Home

Play Video

New York City


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Setlist: moe. | The F Shed | Syracuse, NY | 3/4/17

Set I: Crab Eyes > Threw It All Away > Funky Reuben > Crab Eyes, Captain America > Rise > Silver Sun > Akimbo

Set II: Moth > Kyle’s Song > Kids > Down Boy > Hector’s Pillow > Bring You Down > Kids

Encore: Wind it up, Nebraska, Baba O’Riley

Decided to make the trip at about noon on Saturday. Man! What a show, musically. The Silver Sun was monstrous and channeled some delicious Pink Floyd vibes. Kyle's Song into Kids into Down Boy into blah back into Kids was unreal. Baba O'Riley was a great way to end it.

As for the Venue, I think the F in F Shed stands for Fucked. It felt way over sold, there had to be over 3000 people there. 17 porto johns for those 3000 plus people was not attractive. A line for ID check, then a line for beer ticket purchase followed by a third line to finally get a beer suuucked.

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