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You Know What Really Grinds My Gears in 2022?


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You know what really grinds my gears? The masses not seeing what is happening to them when it is right in front of their eyes. Covid has led to an awful lot of speculation and theories yet no one is going down the right rabbit hole. Sure, people are asking themselves “Who benefits most from The Great Reset?” and that alone is admirable. However, everyone is missing the mark and that is EXACTLY what they want to happen. Ask yourself this “Which demographic going forward will be the one to have been the most affecte?”. It wont be seniors, because outside of advertising aimed at them for older people needing certain medications or bathtubs you can walk into, no brand cares about them. Hell, most of their own families don’t care about them. Will it be the middle aged group? Nope. Brands know we are already stuck in our own ways and know what we like. Will it be the 25-40 year olds who seem to have a lot of disposable income because they don’t care about saving money? Nope. They will soon be of an age similar to ours and will have already learned from their mistakes. Will it be the teenagers-early 20’s? Yes and no but they will be more concerned about finding some sort of stable income. This brings me to the MOST important group of individuals who will be most affected and will provide the highest return on investment for big companies. The children. Those kids aged 2-9 during Covid will have been affected beyond anything we can imagine. This is the most crucial time in their lives when it comes to learning social skills and interacting with others but it is being stolen from them by……………Virtual Reality. Yes, that is right folks. The VR play is officially in play. When cigarette companies wanted to gain loyal users who did they target? The young. Look at Camel. They used Joe Camel as their spokesman to the younger generation to get them hooked early. Are the VR companies doing that? Absolutely but not in the way advertising used to work. They knew that if they could realise a virus that kept everyone at home and forced people into an online world, they would gain their first and most important step in attracting a life-long user. These kids wont have social experience going forward that the generations before them had. Their primary means for growth will have occurred in a single person setting but online. They are being groomed to completely avoid social settings. “Don’t go outside. Put on this headset because it has a universe far greater than you could ever imagine.” Where is Facebook heading? The metaverse. Have you heard about Snoop Dogg buying a virtual plot of land and now people are doing everything they can to ‘snoop’ up plots next to or as close to his as possible? Our kids futures are at stake but no one is talking about it because people are too self-involved. This has all been done in a COORDINATED fashion. Just look at the porn industry. They have been ahead of the technological curve for years. Put on a headset and try out one of those wank sessions and you will never ever ever think about seeing a woman in real-life again (who wants a disease or possibly knock someone up, let alone having to waste time courting their clothes off) because this goes beyond any fantasy you could dream up, unless you are into latex and midgets during a late night in Montreal. And that is what really grinds my gears.

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I like to visit New Orleans on my Oculus Quest II and listen to Queen Ida and her Zydeco Band on Spotify thru Alexa while sipping Cafe du Monde delivered same-day by Amazon.  It's real, man, just as real as when I taped pennies to my stylus forty-five years ago to stop it from skipping.  Life is groovy.  

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