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My take on Cdn NHL team playoff hopes (njbc)


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Why would ANYONE have any faith that Ottawa is going to take the Cup?

Ottawa is a team of wimpy Eurobabies. They have been ousted by T.O. for 3 years running and were beaten solidly by the Leafs just a couple weeks ago in an unmistakably playoff-like game.

No chance for Ottawa. Vancouver at least has real character. I know their guys can pull their weight in the playoffs, except Cloutier who I am not sure about come June.

I was thinking that Toronto had a good chance but obviously their defence core doesn't have what it takes to hoist the mug. Aki Berg, Jyrki Lumme and Wade Belak? What a joke, these guys suck. Lumme pisses me off man, so many weak-ass giveaways. I do like Kaberle but man they need a studmuffin back there the likes of Lidstrom/Jovanovski/Neidermeyer. Someone who can be counted on, unlike Lumme or Mr Invisible girly man Aki Berg.

Edmonton simply beats themselves but will be good in the next few years. Montreal won't make the postseason and Calgary will win the Cup in 2009 on their 20th anniversary!!!

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Eurobabies? 2 of those Euros just happen to be in the top 10-20 in scoring this year...Not to mention Mogilny is the top point getter for TO right now...

All I have to say is 7-2 Det..route...Sens tend to lose to sub-par teams like Toronto...

Depending on what happens with the sale...Muckler will probably make some other moves, I really like the deal he made for Varada.

Speaking of babies...do I have to mention Cry Domi, Shane Corshit, and Darcy F*@ker? Don`t worry, Chara will be back and flatten Roberts, not with his body but with his 90+ an hour slapshot when that moron hits the ice and takes a puck in the face. When our #1 point man can also flatten Hatcher (nice hit Alfie) I`d be worried...

The thing is Ottawa has one of the best well rounded teams in the NHL...They got D, Offence, Goaltending, #1 PP, and the best corner man in the league...#22 Shaun Van Allen...

Maaaatss...Your mommy`s calling....

GO SENS!!! Can`t wait for Tuesday!!!

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Well I'm a huge SENS fan but I think they still do not have what it takes to win the cup.

They're a free agent away from a cup final

appearance this year.

The Leafs? No, too much bad karma on that team ... Tucker and Corson. Quinn would do well to get rid of those two idiots by the 11th.

The Habs, Oilers, Flames.... can't see any of these teams making the playoffs, except Edmonton, who will suffer a four-game sweep in the 1st round.

My money's on Vancouver, the only Canadian team this year with a decent shot at the cup.

But I'd love to see an Ottawa-Vancouver final!

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Dinghy, no...........

they arent one free agent away. They are closer than any other Canadian team though. This wouldnt be the year they would win it, I think they need some experience still, getting deep in the playoffs. They could win it, if the stars were aligned. I still think the Sens could use more toughness, and another trade will help in that department.

Well, maybe one they are one free agent away, but I dont think we are going to see Mario put on a Sens jersey.

The Leafs have no defence, Vancouver has suspect goaltending, Edmonton/Calgary/Montreal have too many issues, and I dont have the time.

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Ottawa still needs a great faceoff guy with some toughness if they are gonna do shit all (but I think Muckler can pull it off - if he doesnt then he didnt watch last years playoffs).

I think Van's chances are pretty damn good this year but Cloutier is worrisome. Ive just got a feeling he cant do it.

Leafs.......fuck em, they suck. They'll go as far as the refs let them go. [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

Montreal/Edmonton/Calgary - not this year but the Oilers will be okay in the long run.

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Give the Leafs some credit, when they're "on" they play with FAR MORE heart than the Sens. The Sens have fast skating, high scoring Euros but no such thing as playoff experience or playoff confidence. Mark my words, they will choke in the first or second round.

Though I live in T.O. I am more of a Canucks fan. Just moved here from BC 6 months ago. Who knows about Cloutier - he's injured again now but it could be a ploy to get him off the bench and resting during a time when the Nucks have an easy schedule and a good lock on first in their division.

Cloutier could surprise us all! You never know. Maybe he learned his lesson last year on the Lidstrom shot, and maybe not.

One thing Belfour has on Cloutier is that Belfour sucks only when it doesn't matter a whole lot, while Cloutier has sucked when the season is on the line.

That's professionalism, if you ask me. And the Sens have NEVER performed at 100% when it's really mattered.


p.s. Chara is so obviously a down's syndrome child!

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yo rubberdinghy - I have to agree with your opinion on Corson and Tucker but I think Domi is a helluva player.

Say Ottawa and Van meet in the finals. Can you really see the Sens taking it? Do they have a top line and/or a checking line that can handle the offensive magic of Naslund/Morrison/Bertuzzi?

Is Lalime really that good?

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See the thing is Ottawa can usually play 4 lines deep, all of which, are fantastic in my opinion at both ends of the ice...where as Vancouver`s 1st line is dangerous, I think our 4 would play better than Vancouver`s 4, They don`t have the same depth (once again just an opinion.) So bring it...We know TO won`t be there...

On the other hand DOMI SUCKS DONKEY`S TESTICLES...whatever that means...he`s just as much of baby...I remember a game Volchenkov cleanly hit DUMI, and the next day it was just booo-hooo!!!

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We're still questioning Clouts out here as well... but he was unbelievable down the stretch last year to even get us into that 8th and final playoff spot against the Wings... considering we were miles out at Christmas. He also stood on his head in games 1 & 2 of that series before "the goal" seriously knocked the wheels off the wagon. He's young... but he's got a lot of pride and Clouts has got some fight in him. We're a stronger overall team this year, especially on defence and in our systems. I hope Clouts can get some rest and pull it together for this year's playoffs. It's a big chore coming out of the West... so many quality hockey teams. Ottawa/Toronto... take your pick. I'd just like to see one of them make it in.

Keep the Cup in Canada!!

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Originally posted by Phishy K:

Who would win in a Leafs/Canucks final? (as it it'll happen)

Why even bother talking about that...It's never gonna happen...The sens just took a rest last night...they don't need to win every game...It wouldn't be exciting...

Golf Leafs Golf...Now that's what I am talking about...

Sens-Nucks...sens in 6...


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drop in my .02 cdn pesos here...

Although I could really give a squat about the Leafs/Sens, im a huge FLAMES fan. Really, im a 'nucks and oil fan too....but a FLAMES fan through and through. Not that any of you folks out east care what i think about the flames, but im gonna tell ya just the same!!

I think the flames are in the same spot that the 'nucks were a few years ago. I can remember watching them and thinking that it was only a matter of time (couple years) that they would be a very explosive team. I think the Flames are on the same path. They have some serious talent to build around: Iggy, Drury ( I swear to the supreme being/entity/orgainic matter that if they don't sign drury they are gonna go in the crapper) Conroy, Saprikyn, and a young D with some serious upside....we're gonna be alright out here, just not for a couple of years.

Oh man, just you Ontario freaks wait, the return of the Western CDN teams is near. We already have Van tearing it up. When the Flames and Oil renew their powerhouse status, the leafs and sens won't have a prayer.....


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Game 1 - Bertuzzi catches Alfredsson with his head down straddling the blueline and he's gone for the series... Canucks 5 - Sens 2

Game 2 - Hossa tries a wraparound and meets our good friend Mattias Ohlund half way there, crashes into the end boards and smacks his head, post-concussion syndrome... Canucks 6 - Sens 2

Game 3 - Chara, mad about the huge hitting the Canucks have been doing, goes after Daniel Sedin, Trevor Linden jumps in and a 12 man brawl of everyone on the ice ensues. Chara-Jovanovski, Redden-Sopel, Sedin-Schaeffer, Sedin-Schastlivy, Linden-Bonk, Cloutier-Lalime... 5 more hurting Senators (Redden's the only one who holds his own... good Canadian kid, & the Sedin's manage to hold on and dance quite nicely with their respective Ottawa softies) as the Canucks rout Ottawa in Vancouver 7-1

Game 4 - The wind has obviously been taken out of the Sens wings, and they fold like a couple of cheap rental chairs at an outdoor wedding... giving in to their obviously more talented and gritty opponents from the West... Canucks 4 Sens 0

Come on now... we saw the Sens-Canucks earlier this year... man that was a fun game. The Canucks love playing teams that don't (or can't!) hit. The ONLY teams Vancouver has trouble with are big, strong teams... not necessarily skilled, just rugged.

Canucks Leafs final would be insane... Rugged, Skilled, Fast & SO INTENSE. I'd have to say that one would go 6 or 7.

We gotta get out of the West first though... and that's no easy feat.


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If the season ended today..

Ottawa v Boston......Ottawa in 6

Toronto v Philly..........Leafs in 7

Van v Anaheim..........Van in 5

Edmonton v Dallas.....Dallas in 7

1 OTTAWA * 88








1 DALLAS * 87


3 DETROIT * 80






nice link for trade rumours


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You'd pick the Leafs over Philly? Never gonna happen...and keithers synopsis, hilarious, however not true...

Booche...Am I gonna have to come over there?

You may want to suck it up...the Habs won't be there and you'll be forced to follow the Sens to the Cup...Unless of course you are a closet Leafs fan...

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hey keither - loved your setlist there for the sens/canucks final. I think the sens might win a couple home games in that series but mostly I agree. I do think though for the game and for the country that tighter more dramatic games would be good for the national soul. An all-canadian final would do wonders for Canada.

Solargarlic - the Flames will be good in a couple years, I agree - and so will the Oil. The western canadian teams are coming up, up, up.

Unless the Leafs make a trade I would have a hard time betting on them to take Philly in the 1st round EXCEPT: T.O. shut out Philly twice this season on the strengths of Eddie the Eagle and I know he could outbattle Czechmanek.

It'd be a long series, in the end I guess it comes down to if Toronto's defenceman can commit to smart play with the puck and smart positioning without it.



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