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BNB Setlist - Kingston


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Unofficial setlist

Burt Neilson Band, Alfie's, Kingston,ON

Yellow Pants




Palace Moon

Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover




?Alternators? Setlist ***


Whipping Post->

Eyes Of The World->

Fire On The Mountain->

Gotta Jiboo

*** special guest Dave Ball

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I have to say that Alfies Pub was the WORST venue I've been to in my entire life.


1.They ID'd Indika and almost refused to let him in.

2.It took Giggles 2 hours in line to get in.

3.It took us 45 minutes to get in.

4.The pub is run by "the cool kids on campus"

5.It took 30 minutes to get a beer at the bar.

6.Security was patrolling the dance floor

7.They only let BNB play a little over an hour.

8.Bullfrog headlined insted of BNB

9.You had to leave your ID or bankcard to get back in.

10.The people working the door were too scared to fight me, when I told them to f@$& themselves and flipped them the bird after refusing to "GIVE" them my ID.

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In Defense of Alfie's:

1. It's a University bar, take that into consideration. They can get into alot of trouble (fines, shut down) if they serve underage drinkers. It's the start of the year, alot of underage people will be attempting to get in and get wasted to celebrate the start of their University career.

2. they sold 400 advance tickets, but still had to deal with selling and making change at the door. That, coupled with the strict I.D. policy made for slow moving, plus, people started lining up at 8:00, which is an anomaly to begin with. I agree the line moved horribly slowly, but at least they pushed back the start time 45 minutes to accomodate those in line.

3. See "2"

4. The pub is run by business students. "Cool kids"!? hardly, they were cool, but because they had zero attitude and were pretty much green, as this was their first show ever (the club staff is rotated every year- even the managers and bookers)

5. The bar situation is one I'll give you, it was stupidly slow, and probably eneded up causing lost sales. Hopefully next time, the side stage bar will be opened as well.

6. Security was patrolling the dance floor- if a fight broke out, or someone got hurt, you would want security patrolling the dance floor. Thats why they are there.

7+8- That was weird, but if and when BNB plays there again, it will be in a headlining role. When the opportunity came up to open for them, it seemed like a no brainer. Kid Koala is an international name in the electronic music community, and it seemed like it could cause BNB to be exposed to music fans who would not hear them otherwise- and it did, we got a bunch of new names on our mailing list, and sold a considerable number of CD's.

9. Hey thats bar policy. Try to get out at the Opera House in Toronto, for instance, they won't let you back in at all. At least Alfies trys to accomodate re-entry. Basically, they dont want people going outside to get drunk or stoned- which if you look at from their perspective, makes sense.

10. The fact that they were too scared to fight you makes you think the venue sucks? I'd hate to see the venues you enjoy.

11. That has nothing to do with the venue.

Personally, (and I'm obviously somewhat biased here) I thought the venue was great. There are a ton of way worse venues that come to mind- Zaphods in Ottawa for one, and a bunch of others.

And when it comes down to it, the show was great, by both bands, and thats what it comes down to.




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I'm glad that it was a success. I didn't make it there for the show.

Alphie's is not a great place to be when it is packed, but what place is?

Even A.J.'s, which used to be, and still is a great venue for live music (if anything decent was to get booked there), can be a major pain in the ass when it's packed. You can wait in line just as long as at Alphie's just by showing up too late. Getting a drink can be just as much a hassle.

The fact that it was that packed is a very good sign for the band, however uncomfortable it may have been for the folks that went. Just be proud that you endured the pain and agony of standing in alphie's lineups, and possibly had pitchers of draft spilled upon you, to support Burt Neilson Band.


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I cant argue with that either. Even though I do like to argue.

Most of what I wrote was half-jokingly, especially the fight thing, the reason I thought the venue sucked is because I knew the people running it were "green" as you said, and made me wonder why they would put rookies in charge of running the place. After having been to so many cool places throughout the year, this was just plain frustrating and one learns what to do, and what not to do, and it just seemed like this place had too many "not to do"'s. I judge all venues either very positively or very harshless and pull no punches.

Some of my points like the "cool kids" came from comments from people I was with who went to Queens have experienced this type of BS before. This one guy once got paid $10 to leave because they thought his friend was just too drunk when he wasn't really. Actually, thats kind of funny and a good innovative way to handle the situation.

However, I cannot accept any excuse for having to wait 2 hours to get 400 people in the door. There was one girl checking tickets at the door, and on the other side of the door, 8 staff standing there dooing nothing.

In the end it was nice to see alot of the Queens students very receptive to the band and a great show overall.

PS. Indika, who got ID, not for Queens ID, but for age of majority is 40 years old and was being ID'd by a 19 year old kid. Everybody in line was laughing their heads off at that.

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A possible reason for the wait was:

Bullfrog showed up late. Since BNB was openning up, "Bullfrog" soundchecks first. Bullfrog got there at about 7:30pm so by the time they finish setting up, soundchecking, and then moving their gear, BNB sets up around 8:30. Doors were supposed to be open at 9:00pm, but while trying to be professional, they waited 'till BNB was finished their soundcheck. Therefore doors openned at 9:45 which caused a line-up.

On the lighter side, BNB was ready and prepared to begin at 10:30, but the manager of the bar, who was a great guy, wouldn't let us start 'till after 11:00 so that the folk waiting in line who had purchased tickets, would be able to see the show.

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Just to add a couple more things....

If and when we play there again (which is possibly Halloween, not to start any rumors, but...), it will probably be just BNB, and soundcheck will be done early, and everything will be more organized, and if it goes down, I'll definetely add more ands. (Just want to add that this is not for sure).

Also, about the other night, I just want to mention how much of a pleasure it was to work with "Bullfrog". We rarely play with other bands and once in a while it's really fun.

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I now see that there were many reasons for alot of the ways things are at Alfies, for one, I had no idea that University pubs have all these weird rules, but I found out that later and things started to make sense. But I found that the combination of all these things together made for a very frustrating experience, especially it taking 30 minutes to get a beer. One guy forgot one of his friends tickets at home, and wanted to take a cab home to get it. When he tried to leave they just wouldn't let him leave, and his friend ended up missing the show because of it. Overall, it just seemed uncool and the

staff just didn't know how to go-with-the-flow. On the other hand, the bands, crowd and room were great.

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Ah, Alphie's. Well, you can expect the staff there to probably become more aggravated as time goes on, but kind bouncers are hard to come by. The one beef that I had with Alphie's from back in the day is that the lines to the kegs were way too long resulting in flat pitchers. Whaddya gonna do?


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Well, one way to make everybody happy would be to move out to Calgary. We could make calgary the hotspot for Canadian music and everyone would love it smile.gif" border="0 So its decided? BNB and all the other bands are moving out here...everyone else should too!! Every Thur, Fri, Sat we can hang out at the Night Gallery and get pissed. Just a suggestion from a music starved Calgarian smile.gif" border="0

Just be glad all you eastern pholk have a steady supply of great tunes to check out!! OH WAIT! The Backstreet Boys are coming to play the Saddle Dome.....im taping for sure

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Not to labour the point, but when the Derek Trucks Band played Alfies a couple of years ago it was GREAT. I guess one nice thing about it wsa that it wasn't crazy-busy, and we got there really early, first ones there, I think.

But yes, that was a realy phun nite.

I quite like the Opera House in TO (saw Gov't Mule there with "Jaimoe" and a couple of other phriends), but I've heard from many people that that Church place in TO, mentioned above, is the cat's ass

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Nice story dave but come clean here we all know the truth. Look if Dave

will not tell this then I will....As we all know Dave has some wide

musically tastes - used to be a punk, then a dead head, then a hansonite and

now a Phil phreak. After Jerry left us, Dave was at a real crossroads in

his life, he was getting disillusioned with the dead scene and didn't know

where to turn, his punk roots were gone, then along came mmmBop. If truth

be told here, he thought that they were saying mmmBob. Dave wasn't sure if

they were referring to Bob Weir, Bob Dylan or Bob the Builder. Regardless

like many of his generation he was at a crossroads in his life and just a

little bit confused so he just hopped on to the bandwagon and started to

focus his life towards this new found love in his life. If you look at

photo's of Dave at this time in his life you will see that he actually wore

his hair the same way as the youngest Hanson. So after numerous tours with

Hanson, Dave's life was just about complete. Now you may wonder what the

heck was Dave doing at the Wetlands that night. Well the fact is that Dave

was not working for Relix then but in fact he was a contributing writer for

HansonBeat. A magazine solely dedicated to the day to day fascinating life

of a Hanson (in fact at one time Dave even thought about changing his name

to Hanson and trying to become the 4th Hanson but that's a whole other

story). Anyhow Dave was given a tip that the boys would be down at the

Wetlands guesting on the bill of Bob Weir. Dave was there all right but he

wasn't there to see Bob, he wasn't there because of Relix, he was there

because of his life long obsession with Hanson. There the truth is finally

out. Sorry Dave I couldn't keep it in any longer.

Dereck Trucks scared me. And to top it off, you could hear Dave, 1 week later givin' the ole "WOO's" on Q101.9 (for Kingston residents, that is the Queens station).

Stages would have to be one of my favorite 'hollow-deck' venues that I have been too. The promise of their light show is beyond words.

Remember Chriss' Pink Floyd cover band and how fucking cool that bar looked with lasers?

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I signed Indika in at Alfie's. Since I already signed in the young, but wise, Kelly, I had to use an alias; the name of Andre Bouchard came to mind. Unbeknownst to me, Indika used an alias too: Mike Bouchard. It's a good thing Queen's security didn't put French brother and French brother together.

The best venue that I've been so far is Alfie's. Actually, the best venue that I've been to so far in Canada is Massey Hall. Get ready Oysterhead fans. It's a great place to see and hear a band. The acoustics are great. I saw Pete Townshend at Massey Hall in 1992 from balcony seats, left of stage. I was about 7 rows back but it didn't matter. The sound was great and the view was excellent. I have floors for the Oysterhead concert: YES DAVE, FLOORS! I've been told that being on the main floor is as good as it gets. I've got to work that night too: i.e., I feel a 24 hour cold coming on, on November 7th.

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