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Roll Call: Ferriswheeler Tonight


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Ferriswheeler, featuring that eminent Sanctuarian, dave-O, will be playing tonight at Cafe Dekcuf. 10pm start, just several bucks at the door.

Attendance at the Thursday Dekcuf shows has, at times recently, been a bit spotty, so if you can make it, please come out and support live music (in general) and Ferriswheeler (in particular). They don't play that often, and when they do, it's always fun.

Hope to see y'all there.



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Thursday November 14, 2002

Cafe Dekcuf

221 Rideau St.

$5, 10pm

2 sets of Ferriswheeler!

That's right... no openers, no closers... all Ferriswheeler, all night!!!

We hope you can join us for an evening full of fun. Get ready to give'er.

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Guest Low Roller

Did you hear the one about the drunken musicians?

The St. Louis Symphony was playing Beethoven's Ninth one night. One bass player said to the other: ''We don't have much to do. Let's go next door for a few drinks.'' They stayed for a while and got a little tipsy. One said to the other: ''To give us more time, I tied the pages of the music together so the conductor will have to untie it when he gets near the end.''

They staggered back into the auditorium just in time for the finish. The next day when someone asked their friend how the concert was they replied: ''The most exciting part was at the end of the Ninth when the score was tied and the bassists were loaded.''

-[big Grin]

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Typing...difficult...brain not...responding...psyche em...battled...set list...set list...

Ferriswheeler / 2002.11.14 / Cafe Dekcuf, Ottawa, ON

Set I:

0h00m00 intro

0h01m15 Libre

0h07m18 Autowah

0h17m00 Stomp[1]

0h24m10 Syntonize

0h32m07 (new unnamed song)

0h40m25 Supercracker -> White Rabbit -> Supercracker -> That's The Way I Like It[2]

0h48m39 Hey Julie Why Don't You Hang Up That Sweater


Set II

0h00m00 intro jam[3]

0h02m22 How Does That Make You Feel

0h06m15 Two Dimes & A Nickel

0h18m08 As Is -> Third Stone From The Sun ->

0h27m11 Fire Pt. II

0h37m00 Glutton

0h44m58 Independentland[4]



0h56m00 Spirit Of Radio tease

0h57m43 We Ain't Goin' Out Like That -> The Message -> So High -> FYIWDWYTM -> Another Brick In The Wall Pt. II -> You Shook Me All Night Long -> No One Here Gets Out Alive [5]


[1] Tiny taping glitch

[2] K.C. & The Sunshine Band cover/tease

[3] Transition from Chris Colepaugh over the PA

[4] Teasefest: (some song from Grease), O Canada, That's Alright Mama, The End, (heavy metal tune; Slayer?), Tom Sawyer, (blues tune)

[5] Vocals mostly by Al


Quote of the Night, from dave-O, after the encore:

That'll teach you to ask for an encore!

Yes, dave-O, that did teach me to ask for an encore...just imagine what we'll ask for next time...



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Yeah, Sally couldnt stop sining "Fug you, I wont do what you tell me" or whatever it was, the whole drive to work this morning.....

She loved it. I would let her speak for herself, but she is out and about.

(Man, this research shite is going to shite today. What a bad task I was given)

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