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Anyone going to G Love and Jack Johnson tonight?


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I'm going and i'm so pumped! I'm syched (SP?)to see both G-love and J to the ACK, J to the OHNSON, yo! hopefully he'll switch it up a little and put on a good show - if not, it'll be a beautiful night, full of good people and good tunes! this night is courtesy of shwaa for a going away gift - what a cool dude.

Zephyr and Andy and Leslie:

we'll be getting there at around 530pm, so keep your eyes open for a big-ass fro and we'll keep our eyes open for two big-ass vans! hopefully see ya there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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only chicks and gay dudes like Jack Johnson.

(just joking....sorta)

thats it you back to school special ! i'm sickin the instagator on your ass now ::

i'm going and can't wait to finally see this dude. he's chill, but thats usually the vibe from all of his shows, so just don't go expecting a rave and you're fine.

ps - g love is pretty damn good too. never seen'm but have two shows and they're both toe-tappinly cool sh!t.

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well, it far exceded my expectations. g love was great and can see why he's got so many fans in the U.S.....love the hip hop jam meld.

security was lame, we actually got asked to sit at a show. when i refused i was threatened with expulsion so i told the dude off and went to the lawn where i was found by dean (friend of zephyr and andy with the great eats from canada day ctmf) and he led simone and i to them and we proceded to have a great time.

jack played all the favourites and the all the ladies were singing in full force (over the music...to be expected i guess)

overall, probably not worth 50 bucks....but maybe it was.

fun times had by all :)

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last night was a great time, although expensive! G-love was awsome...i now know what everyone was talking about. J to the ACK didn't dissapoint - was fun chillin and listening to that sexy voice. They did a few songs together which sounded great. i got into 'take off to the front' mode adn snuck into the 'bracelet' section, that is, til we got kicked out for standing- how can one sit at a concert? ...oh the drama! Nice to meet up with St.Catherines folks up on the lawn and try to dodge the butch security guard - don't get in her way! good times all around!

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