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Best route to CTMF?


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I wouldn't take the 401 west to 6 north route ... too many stops and twists and turns and slowdowns on that part of Highway 6.

I suggest hitting highway 6 north of Fergus if possible. Your second option is the better one I think bsherman.

Fortunately, I can stick to the backroads for this trip [Razz][big Grin]

Peace, Mark

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I am a big fan of keeping it simple.

I like the 403 to #6 north route,(as long as you dont mind goin through Guelph,which doesn't add that much time to your trip) once on #6 north,its basically a straight on run from there,a bend a Fergus,past the market then its straight to Grey County rd #12.

I use that route due to the fact I am from Hamilton, but Marks suggestion may be better for you since you are coming from Toronto area I believe?

I travelled to Tobermory almost every weekend for awhile and found that there wasn't much time difference from the bypass around Guelph to the route thru Guelph.

Either way one of this route or option 2 will get ya there.

C-ya there

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Originally posted by bsherman:

401 -> 410

410 North to Brampton

10 North to 9 (Orangeville)

9 West to 6 (Arthur, north of Fergus)

6 North Durham

What do you guys think?

A bit zig-zaggy but there is an easier way for all people east of the 410(toronto/ottawa/kingston etc)

Frontier town is on Grey Rd. 12-this county road links Hwy 6(above Durham) and Hwy 10(downtown Markdale)....So-if you are Toronto or east you should go up Hwy 410/10 all the way to Grey road 12 and turn left on it-travel quite a ways(10-15 mins) and turn left into CTMF. If you are Hamilton/Guelph/KW area then Hwy 6 North is the way to go-turn right on Grey road 12 and travel about 1 min down the road, turning right into CTMF.

Here's what I remember about the 410 route:

Take 410 north in Brampton. You go past Caledon, at Primrose corners you turn left to continue on the 10-there is a wicked roadside place here called Super Burger(it has an old ttc car attached to it to dine in)

After that i think it's Shelbourne where you do a bit of a drive through downtown, make a right turn to stay on the 10, they keep going north. Keep following it all the way to Markdale. If you hit Flesherton you are apparently stoned.

The safety net:

Hwy 6 and Hwy 10 meet in a town called Chatsworth about 10-15 minutes above Durham/Markdale.

See ya there!

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This is easily the best route for those coming from east of Toronto:

Going west on the 401, take the 2nd Brock Road exit, in Pickering

Turn right onto brock rd, follow for about 15 minutes north, then hit the 407 west, take it to the 410 North

Turn off at Bovaird exit , turn left, drive and drive and drive, look for Walmart, right onto hwy 10 all the way to Grey Road 12 (this is the road frontier town is on), hang a left… you'll see it

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