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Insane pix..be warned

The Chameleon

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I personally would prefer humour revolving around a twelve year old's genitalia to be left off this site. :(

Oh come on it's a joke, an no twelve year old was harmed in the making of that add. Furthermore, no 12 year old's genitalia was depicted, it was simply inferred. Finally the post headline said be warned!

Ease up...It all jokes!

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as for the warning, insane pics be warned, can mean about anything.


"no 12 year old's genitalia was depicted, it was simply inferred"

you might want to read what you wrote and think about it.

i really dont want to ever 'lighten up' to the point were i would find that funny, cause i wouldnt call it lightening up, rather than becoming a bit more cynical, sadistic and sick.

A bit of empathy and foresight before posting goes a long way.

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