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EVOLVE FESTIVAL : AUG. 4-6 Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Jay Funk Dawg

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August 4, 5, 6 & 7

Sunflower Valley

Antigonish, NS

We are please to annouced that MIKE GORDON will be headlining this year's Evolve Festival.


Mike Gordon


Mike Gordon is best known as the bass player and vocalist for the legendary rock band Phish. Heralded as “the most important band of the Nineties." by Rolling Stone Magazine, Phish was one of the top concert draws starting in the early 1990’s until they disbanded in 2004.

Gordon, an accomplished banjo, piano, guitar, and percussion player met Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell and Jon Fishman at the University of Vermont, where Phish began in mid 1980. Gordon's influence is the most obvious in Phish's many different renditions of various bluegrass, calypso and even traditional Jewish songs. He also contributed by singing, usually adding to the higher end of the harmony spectrum, as well as writing off-beat lyrics to amusing but thought-provoking songs.

Gordon played many roles in Phish. Until the band became too big for self-management, he dealt with practically all public relations and fan communication, such as answering fan mail, managing funds, and booking gigs. Gordon wrote 17 Phish original songs and coauthored 22 Phish tracks.

Besides his musical talent, Gordon is known for his bizarre sense of humor exemplified in his 1997 book of short stories, Mike's Corner and as an independent filmmaker. Gordon directed Phish's only music video, 1994's "Down with Disease," releasing his first full-length feature film, Outside Out, in 2000, and also directed Rising Low, a documentary about Gov't Mule and their late bass player, Allen Woody.

Mike Gordon's latest projects include performing with Trey Anastasio, The Benevento/Russo Duo, Leo Kottke and Ramble Dove; a group he put together to tour behind his first solo album “Outside IN†in 2003. Ramble Dove, features Vermont musicians Brett Hughes, Scott Murawski, Gordon Stone, Neil Cleary and Marie Claire. Ramble Dove, whose name was taken from Mike Gordon's country star cameo in his own movie Outside Out, pays homage to classic Nashville honky-tonk and bluegrass and will be performing at both Bonnaroo and Evolve Festivals this summer.




Canadian hip-hop musician/mc k-os will be taking a break from recording his much anticipated next album; the follow-up to 2005's Multi-platinum "Joyful Rebellion," to perform at the Evolve Festival, his only concert date this summer. k-os will be performing his best-known songs as well as showcasing some of the newest material he has been working on for a Fall release.

k-os’ socially aware raps and heartfelt melodies captured the imagination of the widest range of music fans and critics on his debut Exit. So what does he do for an encore? On Joyful Rebellion, the follow-up, k-os elevated his clever rhyme skills and keen sense of musicianship, concocting an even more unique brew of protest music that simultaneously appeals to crossover and rap purist audiences.

There is good reason to believe that this Toronto-bred emcee/vocalist is about to take the rap world by storm. Even with his first album, k-os was fielding personal invites to tour in North America and Europe with Grammy winners such as India.Arie, The Roots and Nelly Furtado, as well as rap luminaries De La Soul. He also collaborated with The Chemical Brothers on their “Get Yourself High†hit, while his video for “Superstarr Pt. Zero†was rated Next and Buzz-worthy by both BET and MTV. Even more impressive was k-os winning “International Album of the Year†honors at The 2003 Source Awards. This marked a watershed moment for contemporary hip hop. For once, music mattered more than where an emcee hailed from, and it proved that consumers hadn’t lost their ability to discern real talent from media hype.

While commercial rap has pushed some of the music’s brightest lights into flight or fight mode, it’s clear that on Joyful Rebellion, k-os intentionally chose the latter. “Hip hop is an abandoned ship, and its vanguards are moving on to other things,†admits k-os. “Everyone wants to be a rock star, because they don’t know how to take hip hop to the next level.â€

k-os is at the forefront of the generation of rap artists who are pushing the limits of hip hop culture (i.e. Andre 3000 of Outkast, Missy Elliot). He has even added to his musical repertoire by playing guitar and piano on a few of the new songs. Much like Lauryn Hill, the artist he’s often compared to, this album is a testament to his rare ability to harmonize and emcee, ignoring any creative straitjackets imposed on him by narrow rap or R&B categorizations. Though k-os may be compared to many great artists, his versatility makes it almost impossible to truly compare him to any.


Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra


Since 1998, the Brooklyn-based cooperative (“anti-bullets†or “bulletproof†in Spanish) has carried the Afrobeat torch ignited by the late Nigerian singer and activist Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Their sound combines highlife, jazz, funk, and traditional West African rhythms informed with messages of political and spiritual evolution. The band has spread its four-alarm Afrobeat inferno to festivals and world-class venues in over fifteen countries.

Antibalas’ broad cultural and musical background mirrors the diversity of their New York home. Members trace their family roots to Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. Their musical pedigree is equally broad, encompassing jazz, funk, dub, improvised music, and traditional percussion from Cuba and West Africa.

Despite years of relentless touring, the band’s New York roots remain strong. They share in a studio, rehearsal space, and offices in Bushwick, Brooklyn, with the Daptone Records family including Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Sugarman Three, and the Budos, whose members frequently appear onstage and on record with Antibalas. They have lent their support over the years to many local and international progessive and radical organizations, most recently to War Resisters League and Doctors Without Borders, and appear at block parties and parks from the Bronx to 127th street in Harlem to Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Summer 2005 included festival performances in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Toronto Jazz Festival, and heavy touring in France, Spain, and Belgium in July, followed by recording sessions in September with John McIntyre (Tortoise, Stereolab).


The Jimmy Swift Band


In the four years since their inception, The Jimmy Swift Band has gained a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in Canada. After years of touring, two studio albums, and their most recent live effort The Rebirth of Hooch, The JSB have built an extremely loyal fan base from coast to coast and beyond.

Half of The JSB’s repertoire consists of organic instrumental material with influences ranging from Daft Punk to Pink Floyd, while the other half displays mature songwriting, powerful vocals and memorable melodies within the framework of concise arrangements. Although both elements of the band’s sound are starkly different, they combine the two effortlessly to bring the audience on an unforgettable journey with each live show. The JSB’s sound is so original that fans and media across the country have invented a new genre to define it – Rocktronica.

The Jimmy Swift Band have been an integral part of the Canadian independent music scene for the past few years. Their CD’s have each sold more than 5000 copies, and fans regularly travel hundreds of kilometers to hear the band perform. This has made them a hot commodity in the club circuit – selling out rooms from Halifax to Vancouver. JSB songs have appeared in movies, on television commercials, skateboarding videos, and have charted on many Canadian radio stations.

2005 will see The Jimmy Swift Band return to the studio for the highly anticipated follow up to 2003’s Onward Through the Fog. With a wealth of new material and experience behind them, the JSB are poised to become a household name in Canadian music.

“This is a band that has built its reputation on its exceptional live shows, in turn helping to build up a circuit of live venues from Halifax to Sydney to Kingston, Ontario, that has slowly changed the musical landscape of Eastern Canada...†– Ron Foley MacDonald, Atlantic Zone





Their music has been described as beguiling, haunting, rustic, ambient, hobo-erotica, and goth-folk. They are Frazey Ford, Trish Klein, and Samantha Parton.

They first met in the mountains of BC, at tree-planting camps and open-stages. After traveling separately they met again one particularly dark rainy, dismal winter in Vancouver. At Trish's Chinatown house they would get together to share songs and stories over red-wine and Chinese tea. Here they were joined by fellow-traveler, singer/fiddler, Texas-born minstrel Jolie Holland. Jolie introduced them to the songs of another mad traveler Obo Martin from whose song Be Good Tanya their name was culled. Bonded by their passion for old-tyme music and their love of vintage clothes they soon began performing everywhere they could from thrift stores,cafes, galleries and bars to the streets of East Vancouver, front porches and house parties.

In the spring of 2000 they set out on the road to tour across America in Sam's 1977 Dodge Van. Braving fires, ice storms, bad road food, and laundry they gigged their way through the heartland of the south and down to New Orleans. When they made it back alive they hunkered down to record their debut album Blue Horse in the small studio/shack of their friend Futcher. Around this time Jolie left to return to San Francisco, but not before recording on a number of tracks most notably her stirring vocals on Lakes of Ponchartrain and her vocals on the Littlest Birds which she co-wrote with Sam Parton.

After the release of Blue Horse, they continued to tour constantly around North America, over to the UK and once around Australia. They have graced the stages of numerous festivals and also played in many a stinky dive, but everywhere they have been received with enthusiasm and genuine approval. Throughout all this madness they managed to find time to record their second album; Chinatown. It's a good bunch of songs, old-tymey and new-tymey, lush harmonies, and raw soul delivery. Trumpet chops provided by the legendary Olu Dara.




Coming from Cape Breton Island, Slowcoaster offers an alternative to the traditional Celtic tunes for which the area has become so well known - something which reflects another side of the island's music scene.

The band represents a younger generation who has grown up with the honesty and sense of tradition so evident in the Celtic scene, but also with the 1960's pop and country records of their parents, the flashy sounds and visuals of Much Music, and the unique, original sounds coming from the vibrant local underground scene.

This mish-mash of influence and style produces irresistibly catchy songs which are both honestly written and undeniably danceable. The music is a fusion of funk and reggae, with hints of rock, jazz, hip-hop and Latin rhythms forming a distinct original sound. Slowcoaster started to take shape in November 1999 when singing, song-writing, guitarist Steven MacDougall and drummer Devon Strang returned home to Cape Breton Island from Vancouver, British Columbia and hooked up with Mike LeLievre, a well-traveled local guitar player who took to playing bass guitar like it was his birthright. MacDougall brought with him a lifetime of ales which came to life in his songs. LeLievre's innovative grooves blend with MacDougall's guitar work and vocals weaving complex counterpoint melodies. In the summer of 2002, percussionist Darren Gallop joined Strang and set into motion another interweaving duo, both offsetting and supporting the strings. Congas accentuate syncopated funk-leaning songs and add a well-considered fullness to an already rich sound.

Slowcoaster has performed hundreds of shows in their hometown of Sydney, NS and throughout the Atlantic Provinces, building a fan-base by touring constantly and selling self-produced recordings from the stage. During the summer of 2002, a compilation of songs from their first album Jody's Garden and their second album Volume II replaced those recordings and became known as Leaves, as in "the one with the leaves on the cover". The band is currently touring in support of their debut full-length recording, Where Are They Going?, which was released in November 2004.Where Are They Going? is Slowcoaster somewhere in the middle of it all, gathering up songs from their ever-evolving live show that hadn't been available on CD until now, as well as revealing a few new gems. It's full of irresistibly catchy, undeniably danceable songs with that trademark Slowcoaster fusion of funk and reggae, rock, jazz, hip-hop and Afro-Cuban rhythms. From the Reggae-infused fan favourite "Can't Change Me", to the fist-pumping shout-along first single "Patio", to the schizophrenic swings from danceable verse to sing-a-long chorus of "Missin' It", Where Are They Going? captures all of these influences and presents them in a neatly wrapped package.

Slowcoaster has been nominated for East Coast Music Awards and Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia Awards, has been featured at well-known East Coast festivals like the Stan Rogers Festival (Canso, NS), Evolve Festival (Antigonish County, NS), the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival (Fredericton, NB), the Peace-A-Chord (St. John's, NL), and the Shoreline Festival (Prince Edward Island). They had two of their songs featured in the documentary "Air Guitar in Oulu" which was broadcast on Bravo! and in 2004, singer Steven MacDougall placed second in the 16th Annual National Songwriting Competition after winning the Regional portion of the contest for his song "Spanish Bay".





People often say Wassabi Collective plays into the crowd, or rides the wave. This high-energy, progressive world beat group was created to deliver non-stop grooves to packed dance floors, headlining major festivals across the country with unprecedented success. The band has performed alongside high-level players such as Michael Franti and Spearhead, Doc Martin, Garaj Mahal,The Jungle Brothers, Hot Hot Heat, Ras Trillos and Randy Bachman. Audience members and promoters have often said that this Five-piece band is the best high-energy show to come out of B.C. in many years.

The Wassabi Collective has thrived in the music scene because of positive attitude, solid musicianship, and creative approach. People feel inspired by the Wassabi atmosphere. The music is uplifting and soulful, and the crowd is treated as a part of the show. Lyrics and themes are designed to empower and enlighten people, and the overall vibe is simple and pure. The members of Wassabi embrace interaction with the audience as a fundamental principal, and will spend a good portion of the show improvising to the mood of the dance floor. The mood of a Wassabi show is further enhanced by their resident hoopdancer, hulagirl. The latest incarnation of the band is it's most potent yet. Long time members Scott Milne (bass) and Melissa Meretsky (vocals and percussion) welcomed Brent 'Gisto' Hongisto (vocals and guitar) to the fold in 2003. In the spring of 2004 the band relocated to Nelson,BC, where they found Jimmy Lewis on the Drums (and vocals) and Rahj Levinson (keys).

Despite being only available at their live shows, sales of their first two albums "The Masquerade Sessions" and "Blue" topped over 5500 units before going out of print. A series of live shows recorded in 2004 continue to sell, with now over 1000 copies in circulation and numerous downloadable shows on the web. Feeling the need to document the new lineups' direction and sound, the five members went into pre-production in Febuary 2005, rearranging some old standards and writing new songs at a feverish pace. The results emerged in March; a five song album entitled "Cato", lasting over forty minutes and engaging the listener from start to finish. Smooth jazzy textures, trip hop, reggae, house, and percussion all naturally collide in a beautiful and singular vision, at last capturing Wassabi at its present incarnation in beautiful high fidelity. The band continues to tour behind "Cato", selling over a 2000 copies to date, and have begun pre-production on a new full length album, slated for release in summer 2006.





Digging beneath the surface of a multifaceted mix of genres, King Sunshine delivers what people have been longing for; music with substance, music that recognizes it's disco roots, music that pushes the boundaries in an attempt to reinvent house music and take it to a new exciting level. Extended percussion breaks and samples from artists like Detroit's Theo Parish, Larry Levan, Roy Ayers and Glenn Underground, can be heard throughout their sets. Their groove and mixes emulate yet recreate the way dance music Djs spin. King Sunshine has created a style that has been widely appreciated by many in the music industry, landing them on stage with some of house music's finest, including Theo Parrish, Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Ron Trent, Dj Sneak, Jason Palma and New Jerseys soul man Kenny Bobien.

Theres a lot of history in King Sunshine. The band started to evolve at a time when house music and Djs were coming up from the underground and planting their roots outside of the club scene. House heads out of Chicago were releasing "The History of House Music", while King Sunshine was preparing to make history eight hours away in Toronto. They began opening ears and eyes as one of the most explosive bands to take house music off of vinyl and bring it to the stage live. Many musicians have gravitated towards the disco and funk rhythms of King Sunshine. In seven years of development, nine soul shakers have solidified a powerful force that hypnotizes audiences, draws them to the dance floors and uplifts them to a higher state of consciousness. Sweet keys, heart pounding drums, heavy bass, smooth guitar, intense electronics, percussion, tight horns and soulful vocals make up King Sunshine. Thier concerts have been described as "powerful, unforgettable, rhythmic experience" King Sunshine will be performing at the Montreal Jazz Festival in July and will touing to support the release of their second full length album.





Proclaimed as Halifax's leading rap voice, Classified continues to mark his territory in the Canadian rap scene with every album. His latest release, "Boy-Cott-In The Industry," is a reflection of his relentless affair with hip-hop.

In 1997 Classified released his first CD entitled “Information.†Two years in the making, the album opened many doors for Classified and led to opening spots for noted American and Canadian musicians including 112, Saukrates, Maestro, Rascalz, Choclair and Swollen Members. The release of “Information†prompted Classified’s first record release, “Touch of Class.†The single received much critical praise and was nominated for Urban Recording of the Year at the East Coast Music Awards in 2000.

Not wasting any time, Classified released his seventh album, “Unpredictable.†The album was distributed to selected locations across Canada and received nationwide acclaim and international recognition. In addition to his newfound national reputation, Classified obtained his first MuchMusic VideoFACT grant, leading to the production of his first music video. That year, Classified achieved one of his career’s most noteworthy accomplishments and was nominated for Rap Recording of the Year and Rap Video of the Year by the Urban Music Association of Canada.

After a very promising year, Classified released his follow-up album, "Union Dues" in 2001. The album contains Classified's first collaborations with established Canadian artists. It also received extensive media coverage and his second VideoFACT grant. The foundation had been laid and major label interest began.

Classified's latest album, "Boy-Cott-In The Industry," is the climax of his career. In addition to superior production and smooth lyrics, the album includes guest appearances by the likes of Choclair, Royce 5'9, Jay Bizzy, J-Bru, Spesk K, and Mic Boyd.

Classified may be a boy caught in the industry, but Canada's best kept secret is about to be unleashed.





Formed in 1996 in frosty Thunder Bay, Ontario, BURT NEILSON BAND is a four-piece group simply in love with music. Consisting of bass, drums, guitar, keyboards and vocals, BNB thrives on live performances filled with creativity and spontaneity. The band, in their nine year career, have toured Canada coast to coast eighteen times, played over eight hundred shows, had four successful independent releases, and secured an army of loyal and devoted fans.

With an original lineup of seven, BNB have refined their sound over the years to be more focused, clean and in tune with the moment. Mike Filipowitsch (guitar/vocals), Jeff Heisholt (keyboards/vocals), Jeremy Little (bass/vocals) and Gavin Maguire (drums/vocals) do their best to create music from the heart, drawing heavily from their backgrounds of rock n’ roll, funk, country and life.

The road has been good to Burt Neilson Band. They’ve been lucky enough to play across Canada and the USA, logging countless hours of van time and stage experience. From their beginnings in Northern Ontario, the band quickly branched out to spread their music to as many people as possible. One cross country tour suddenly turned into a dozen and before they knew it, BNB found themselves veterans of the highway and leaders of a new resurgence of independent Canadian touring bands. Consistently selling out rooms across the country and basically living on the road became the norm for Burt Neilson. So in 2002 the band decided to take a year off, settle down and get ready for another long stretch of writing, performing and recording. The band emerged from hibernation in early 2003 and are back at it again in full force, having recently received the “COCA – 2003 Indie Band of the Year†award.

Burt Neilson Band first entered the recording studio in 1997. Although throughout their years they have encouraged the taping and trading of their live shows, 1998 saw the release of the self-titled ‘Burt Neilson Band’. Recorded in Thunder Bay, the CD featured 10 of the band’s first compositions and went on to sell out of many pressings. BNB followed that with 2000’s ‘Orange Shag Carpet’, which featured more mature writing and showcased the musical growth of the band. 2001 brought the release of ‘Five Alive’, a live CD recorded while on tour in Ontario that March. It featured one song from each previous release as well as six new originals and clocked in at 74 minutes. The band released their fourth CD, “By the Door†in February 2004, and are currently on the road promoting it as well as preparing new material for their next release.

In the nine years that Burt Neilson Band has been playing together, the band is currently more excited to be doing what they do than ever before. They’ve rediscovered themselves and look forward to a busy, prosperous

and fun-filled year as well as many more years to come.





Melding the sound and instrumentation of funk fusion with the irresistible drive of house, Moses Mayes's is Canada's answer to modern day groove that has a style like no other. Add the bands unique and explosive live show and you get the most exciting and consistent band to emerge from the scene.

This seven-piece band includes guitar, bass, turntables, vintage keyboards, drums, horns and percussion - creating a sound that any one can dance or bob their heads to.

The music appeals to a diverse audience, everyone from the discerning listener to those who just want to move to the groove. And many have grooved: With over 400 shows in the last six years including numerous national tours, Moses Mayes has made appearances at such notable events like Le Festival Internaionale du Jazz du Montreal, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and Victoria's ICA Folkfest

During this time they've shared the stage with funk legends James Brown & Soul Manifesto and new urban acts Orishas, The New Deal, Pocket Dwellers, Kid Koala and Ivana Santilli. One of Canada's premier touring bands, the group's self-titled debut album captured the 2001 Prairie Music Award for Outstanding Urban/Dance Recording. In June 2004 the collective introduced 'Needle to the Groove', the long anticipated follow up. The Western Canadian Music Award nominated album features 12 songs that truly reflect the bands stylistic maturity into funky grooves, catchy samples and inspiring horn playing. Now the album is being re-released by Fusion3 Distribution on February 28, 2006.

Moses Mayes' is now holed up in the their spot writing and pre-producing for the next record which will be produced by Jamie Shields (the New Deal). Exploring new paths and ways, the new album promises to capture the bands live sound yet combine new ideas and vocals into the mix. The band expects to drop an EP this summer with a full length release in the fall of 2006 - it is indeed becoming an exciting year for Moses.




High Plains Drifter is a rootsy funk-rock and world beat ensemble, fronted by musician/promoter Jay Cleary. High Plains Drifter's dynamic live performances have captivating audiences across Central and Atlantic Canada. Like imagery evoked by the mysterious quality of a traveling vagabond, High Plains Drifter is a collective of musicians traveling town to town bringing the energy of celebration to audiences everywhere. The Collective was born out of a chance meeting between student musicians at St. F.X. University and has gone on to use musicians from Humber College, York University and University of Toronto.

High Plains Drifter draws inspiration from artists as diverse as James Brown, Herbie Hancock and Jimmy Buffet. The group, known for their unpredictable stage show, has enjoyed collaborations with a number of Canadian musicians including members of The Jimmy Swift Band, The Aaron MacDonald Band, Slowcoaster, Wassabi Collective, The Chameleon Project & Slammin' Jack as well as young horn players, percussionists and turn-tablists.

High Plains Drifter has performed at the Come Together Festival, The Halifax's Atlantic Jazz Festival, Saint John Boadwalk Festival, The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, The Spring Shaker, Lose Your Shoes Festival, The Toronto Island Jazz Festival, Jambands.ca Fundraiser and multiple club dates in Southern Ontario and Atlantic Canada.





Growing up on Cape Breton Island, Carmen’s love affair with music began early. By age six she was locking herself in her dad’s Chevy and singing along to The Doors. Experimentation with piano and guitar soon led to formal lessons while the discovery at age fourteen of the talents of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Blind Melon and Nirvana unearthed an obsession with innovative vocal styles. Solo performances at variety shows eventually lead to a gig as lead vocalist/rhythm guitar player for indie pop quartet Q. The popular band released an independent CD, toured extensively through Atlantic Canada, and filmed two videos that received airplay on Much Music landing the band opening slots for Our Lady Peace, Change of Heart, Sunfish and Thrush Hermit. After four years with Q, Townsend headed to Vancouver and hooked up with fellow Maritimers to form Scheck. Scheck played extensively across Canada and relocated to Toronto where they released an independent CD and continued to tour Eastern Canada. The band enjoyed a dedicated fan base and played with such acts as Ember Swift and The Rheostatics, with whom Carmen was asked to perform live on three separate occasions in Toronto. After twelve years of rock bands, Townsend decided to return home to the ocean to nurture her own sound. With the help of Newfoundland native guitar phenom/producer Dwayne Gale, Townsend put together an EP of home recordings called Stay Tuned, whose single Exit 3 can be heard on local radio and has been played regularly on the CBC. Since returning to the East Coast, Carmen has been winning over audiences with her refreshingly unique sound, unusually energetic live show, and soaring, dynamic vocal talent. She has landed opening performances for Blue Rodeo, Matt Mays and El Torpedo, Slowcoaster, Rock Ranger, The Jimmy Swift Band, and Buck 65. Carmen has recently been awarded two showcase performance slots at the East Coast Music Association Weekend in February '06 and was just named the winner of the Atlantic Portion of the National Songwriting Contest.

Joining Carmen on stage and in the studio are the Shakey Deals. The boys, Thomas Allen (drums) and Shane O’Handley (bass guitar), have been filling out the sound (and filling up the van) since September 2004. Playing in various bands for the last 8 years, this tight rhythm section has been adding to Carmen’s distinctive sound and wowing crowds wherever they appear. Ex-members of 3 Piece Suit (a hard rocking surf trio), these two young men have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a number of musicians here in the Maritimes, including Colleen Power, ECMA nominee Andrea Curry, and east coast blues hero Terry Edmunds. Working together with Carmen, Thomas and Shane have been logging miles and inspiring smiles across the coast.




The Phat Conductor’s eclectic and technically innovative approach defies genrefication but usually involves obscene amounts of breakbeats and chest pounding bass. Exclusives, unreleased original material, megamixes, party classics, and rarities of all kinds are what can be expected when this man steps up to the decks.

The Phat Conductor is one of the fastest rising names in breaks the world over. Signed to Canada’s own 2Wars alongside Scissorkicks, Jelo, and The Incredible Melting Man, his first release ‘Garage Sale Symphony’ set critics' eardrums aflame, culminating in his being selected for the URB magazine's Next 100 issue in 2003. That summer his new single Ice-9, which reached #4 at the world famous Vinyl Addiction sales chart, could be heard pounding over the airwaves on Ministry of Sound Radio as well as in clubs all across the globe. Be sure to keep an ear out for his new releases Kill That Funk, with the Electrician on WOMP, and Cannibal Orgy on 2Wars with Dave Dub. Both tunes have already been getting play on the BBC.

So who is this madman you ask? Look no further than this bio from 2Wars for all of your answers:

The Phat Conductor is one of Canada's most talented and diverse breaks DJs. His impeccable selections coupled with his lightning fast mixing, ill scratching, fresh dubs, and characteristic good humor make his sets truly exceptional.

Although he is one of Canada's fastest rising young DJs The Phat Conductor is no rookie. He started playing the piano at the early age of 7 then moved on to play the cello, guitar, and bass guitar. From playing in punk rock and industrial outfits throughout his teenage years he quickly got into sequencing beats and doing production for his bands and from there DJing was a natural progression.

At the age of 15 he was apprenticed by Teknobrat, an oldschool Belgian techno don, who nurtured his growing DJ and production skills. Before long The Phat Conductor, then known as Mantra, became a staple of the Ottawa breaks scene. The Phat Conductor has held residencies with Eclipse, One Tribe, Babylon Nightclub, Imaginary Friends and is the official DJ for the Qwad Skwad breakdance crew.

In 1998 he became a founding member of Canada's largest multidisciplinary urban arts collectives, T.H.E.M. (www.them-art.com) and to this day holds the position of Music Director. For the year 1999-2000 The Phat Conductor took over as Artistic Director and Chair of the Ottawa Division, while H.Q. was being moved to Toronto, but now he mostly concentrates on his own artistic output. T.H.E.M. has executed over 60 art shows and installations in almost every environment including, The World Electronic Music Festival, the National Art Centre, Arts Court, and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

The Phat Conductor is poised to enter the global music scene in a big way. With solid releases under his belt, Torontobreaks Radio, an album in the works, and gigs all over the place, at the age of 21, his possibilities are boundless.



"The crowd erupts over and over in a state of frenzy with every little tug of their string by DJ Dan, who is a master at eliciting such responses." (All Music)

Long before periodicals like URB and BPM Culture began sponsoring annual surveys of the world's favorite DJs, dance music lovers had already spoken, loud and clear, in favor of DJ Dan. From his rise through the early '90s Los Angeles rave scene, to his non-stop international agenda today (he traveled 135,000 miles in 2004 alone), Dan has continued to thrill audiences wherever he goes, from Sydney to San Paulo, Taiwan to Toronto. He has sold over 300,000 mix CDs in North America alone, been featured prominently on MTV and network television, rocked a crowd of over 50,000 LA New Year's Eve revelers in 1999, and was one of the first American DJs to play China.

"DJ Dan forced the sounds and energy of rock and funk deep into his music, a style that eventually became known as west coast house." (Beijing Weekend)


Donald Glaude

A veteran DJ for over 15 years, Donald Glaude has cemented his reputation as a crowd-rocking favorite and one of the most in demand artists in the country. He is one of those rare DJs who perceives their role to be that of an all-around entertainer and performer. He exudes energy, dropping track after funky track, arms aloft, and has been known to join the dancers on the floor. It is the combination of these ingredients that have helped him create a unique connection with his audience.

His DJing career began inauspiciously in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington, just outside of Seattle, with a pair of mismatched turntables and a Radio Shack mixer. In the clubland vacuum that existed in Tacoma, Donald had to teach himself to mix. After mastering the basic skills, Donald began DJing in various clubs around Tacoma and Seattle. He made several important connections during that time, including a friendship with another aspiring DJ by the name of Dan. Later, DJ Dan would convince San Francisco's Funky Tekno Tribe to let him play at one of their parties. Donald soon became a permanent resident of F.T.T. Donald's knack for working the crowd has earned him a huge underground following and has positioned him as one of the hottest DJs on the rave circuit. Alongside crowd pleasers like Carl Cox and DJ Dan, Donald whips the crowd into a frenzy at such annual events as Together As One, Cyberfest, Audiotistic, and Cool World, to name a few. Donald is consistently one of the biggest draws of the annual Moonshine Overamerica tours and with his popularity, can be routinely found spinning in such cities as Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Denver, Vancouver, Toronto and in his home town of Tacoma.

Off The Hook was Donald's first mix for Moonshine Music and was the first mix CD that Donald has produced where he has been able to select and mix his own choice of tracks. This mix unleashes Donald's own inimitable style, displaying the skills and energy that have made him one of the most exciting DJs to emerge in recent years.



Chicago / Toronto

Magnetic Recordings/X-Mix Productions/Chicago/

Ministry of Sound



In 1983, Carlos Sosa AKA DJ Sneak, moved to the city of Chicago from the island of Puerto Rico, where his early musical experiences and influences were rooted in salsa, meringue and Latin orchestras. Chicago, like Puerto Rico, is a city rich with musical styles and sounds. In Chicago, Sneak found inspiration in underground house music, Warehouse parties and "old school" mix tapes from the early pioneers - Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ralphi Rosario, Steve Hurley and local radio station shows played on WBMX.

In 1995, Sneak's new sound revolutionized house music with inspirational sounds and rhythms never heard. The disco filtered house grooves became Sneak's signature sound. Innovator to many, Sneak's love for music inspired others like Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Armand Van Helden.

In 1996, DJ Sneak's 'You Can't Hide from your Bud', on Derrick Carter's Classic Recordings, ironically became an instant classic itself; a blueprint for funky, filtered disco-influenced house – AKA Sneak Style – redefining Chicago's underground music. From 1996 to present day, DJ Sneak has perfected his remix skills, seizing opportunities to work with world-class talent and fine-tune his sound. His highly anticipated remixes take dance floors around the world to levels of climactic frenzy with his trademark booty-shakin, bass-heavy beats and rhythms.

After years of development, DJ Sneak is a familiar name across the world's club circuit playing the very best venues and events. A frequent visitor to Ibiza - the island of spiritual parties and Mecca of dance music culture, Sneak has participated in several events with the best UK production companies - Ministry of Sound, Cream, Manumission, and Miss Moneypenny's to mention a few.

A favorite at United Kingdom's summer festivals (Homelands, Creamfields, T in the Park), Sneak shows no mercy on the sound systems and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Recognized as the disco filter innovator, his productions and musical style has maintained his status as one of the Top 100 DJs in the world. Dynamic in style - from furious banging Chicago tracks and Latin tribal beats, to disco filtered reworks of retro classics and melodic rhythms to suit your soul.

In fall 2001 Sneak launched a new record label Magnetic Recordings, where he has been releasing new music (including Sneak’s 2003’s booty shakin’ top 20 uk hit ‘Fix My’ Sink’ and subsequent album ‘Housekeepin’), with compilations to come, along with the introduction of new musical talents. He continues to contribute to the evolution and definitive sound that is Chicago House Music. The future brings light to DJ Sneak's journey, focusing on the development of electronic music's revolution and ongoing struggle to be acknowledged as the sound of tomorrow.

At present time DJ Sneak is focused on launching the brilliant new series “House of Om†on SF Indie label Om Records.

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