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Slip 10/20 Saint John, 10/21 Halifax


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Saint John, NB

- 12:47 -

intro jam > Children of December

Even Rats

If One Of Us Should Fall


Get Me With Fuji

Suffocation Keep (w/ female vocals sample)

Poor Boy

The Original Blue Air >

Paper Birds

E: Baba O'Riley

- 2:16 -

Packed, small bar in SJ tonight. The band sounded very tight and well rehearsed. I saw 4 deer and a raccoon on the highway on the way home. Gotta love New Brunswick! For a minute there we thought we were getting Eisenhower in order for the setlist...

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You had it right the first time Stagger, there was no Wolof played.


Halifax, NS

The Attic

- 1:55 -

Soft Machine

Even Rates


I Hate Love

Get Me With Fuji (w/ Brad playing a strat)

Paper Birds

Children of December (w/Brad climbing on amps, etc and crowd surfing)

E1: If One of Us Should Fall

E2: (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace Love and Understanding

- 3:16 -

My inclusion of "Original Blue Air" above was a bit of a joke for those of us scrutinizing the track list for Eisenhower (it is apparently the intro to Paper Birds). Really, I have no idea if they played it, or if it was all just Paper Birds.

The show in Halifax was just a balls-out rock show! I'm never any good at estimating crowds, but there was a good 500-600 people at the Attic. By far the biggest Slip show, attendance wise, that I've ever seen.

Both nights Airplane/Primitive and Paper Birds were absolute monsters.

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I heard a recording of Baba from an April show, and it was quite interestingly pulled off. It certainly didn't sound rehearsed, so I wonder if they got it down.

Yeah, I had heard that tape as well. It was brutal. It certainly sounded MUCH better in Saint John. The instrumentation they use is really neat, with Marc playing both the bass line and a higher melody with that 'wand' thing over the high frets. All things considered, I thought he pulled off the vocals alright too.

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Did Marc play a guitar at one point?

Marc plays a strat (and bass/synth pedals) on Airplane/Primitive and a Danelectro that I believe is a baritone (plus the bass/synth pedals again) on Soft Machine and a couple other songs (Proud maybe?).

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Has anybody else heard the album. It is really stupendously good. Been listening to it constantly since I got it a few days ago. They really did a neat trick of pepping up If One Of Us... It has this sort of doo-woppy thing (whoo whoo) that really accents the whole thing and pulls it out of the dirge lament it is. I mean it's still a dirge just a happier one. Curious if they played it live this way.

The best Baba I've heard them do is from the Berkshires (maybe the first). I'd still take any of the Stones covers (19th Nervous Breakdown, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Moonlight Mile). I really wouldn't be surprised if they got an opening date for a band like the Stones in the next few years.

On still another note I really never need to hear Wolof, Fuji, What's So Funny or Poor Boy again for that matter.

Looks like a great setlist (both shows but I mean Halifax), the ex and I think my brother were there.

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They only had one copy of the album with them. Taylor tried hard to buy it from Brad, but didn't succeed. ;) It was the standard If One Of Us both nights.

On the drive up I told Guigsy that Peace, Love & Understanding follows me around. Sure enough, there it was. I hear you on that and Poor Boy. The Fuji in Halifax took on a bit of a different, bluesier feel with Brad playing a strat. I can't remember ever seeing that before.

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There didn't seem to be any real difference in One Of Us. They played it both nights and I didn't really notice any changes. They did have it listed before Paper Birds and December on the setlist but wisely skipped it to keep up the rocking in Hali and then pulled it out in the encore.

Brad crowd surfing was awesome, as was Marcs beaming smile during Even Rats as he tried to get Andrew and Brads attention, to get them to check out the crowd losing their mind for the new anthem. It was truly special.

I was stoked to not hear Po Boy for the first show (ever!) on Saturday night.

I was really impressed with the way the crowd loved The Slip on Saturday. It wasn't a typical Slip crowd due partly to the Pop Explosion but as the set progressed more and more people were squeezing in and rocking the front rail. Tonnes of faces I had never seen, and only a few that I did know.

DaveO and Guigsy can sure make a weekend fun!


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Fuji did sound different due to the Strat on Saturday. Way more bluesy than usual......

Did anyone notice if Joel Plaskett made it out? We saw him at the Golden Dogs and made sure to tell him to get over to the Attic. I saw his bass player there but no Joel.

The guys in the GD were pumped like little kids that Plaskett was there watching them.....


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Yeah no this isn't one of those drastically different versions they improvise on the spot. I know the version you're talking about I think I was there even. This is literally like a different arrangement which really gives the song these patches of sunlight breaking through the clouds.

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