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Widespread Panic 10/30/06 MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV - Large Marge Content!!!


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This show looks amazing!!

10/30/06 MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV

Set I: Contentment Blues, People Are Strange1> You Should Be Glad> Pilgrims> Greta> Sharon> Time Zones, Stop-Go> Imitation Leather Shoes> Chainsaw City

Set II: Cant Get There From Here1, Slippin' Into Darkness> When the Clowns Come Home, Diner> Proving Ground> Drums> Airplane2> Morning Dew3> Love Tractor

Encore: That Old Black Magic1, Radar Love4, I Want You (She's So Heavy)

1 First time played

2 last time played 7.2.02 (316 shows)

3 last time played 1.14.89 (1976 shows)

4 last time played 10.31.96 (876 shows)

Basher called me and said that Large Marge met JB in the hotel lobby and 'dry-humped' his leg!!!

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JoJo was a dog faced boy.

Sonny a clown

Todd was Todd

Some of them changed at set break. But a fucking chicken. Are you kidding me!??!?!?!

I'm trying to download the show right now, but having some trouble with the nugs net download. fuging crazy. Do yourself a favour and get this one. Honest.

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I was at this show and it was my favourite show of the year (and I saw The Who, The Stones, Allmans, Mule, and Roger Waters this year!)

Jimmy sure was playing with them and he was really shredding it on guitar.

Interesting you noticed the Black Sabbath tease - the house music between sets was Black Sabbath's first album (kind of fit in with the Hallowe'en theme of the evening).

It was nice to run into Basher and Large Marge in the drink line-up between sets. You guys really know how to party! Marge demonstrated her meeting with JB to me, and I'm sure it's something he won't soon forget!

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They did some black sabbath durring their first halloween show. Thats where the weird covers idea came in. They wanted to do stuff that people wouldn't expect etc. Schools is a crazy music nerd. And likes it heavy.

I'm digging the Black Sabbath tease around 8 minutes into Greta. If they had broken into 'Sabbath, that would have been super-sick!

Sounds like a great show so far. Was Jimmy playing with them?

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Also during the Halloween 2000 run in New Orleans, they opened the 3 night run with Sweet Leaf. I remember being in the arena and hearing those opening chords. The crowd went nuts of course. Oh I miss the days of being able to travel. I'm incredibly jealous of all of you who make it out to shows still.

10/27/00 Kiefer Lakefront Arena,

University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA


Sweet Leaf >

One Arm Steve >

Makes Sense To Me,

This Part Of Town >

Driving Song >

Thought Sausage >

Driving Song >


Ain't Life Grand


Cream Puff War,

Dyin' Man,

Mercy >

Pigeons >

Jam* >

Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys* >

Drums** >

Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys***,

Stop Breakin' Down Blues,

West Virginia,

The Waker,

Love Tractor


Arleen >

Climb To Safety

* with Jay Rodriguez on saxophone

** with Bill Ware on marimba, Christopher Theberge on percussion, Genji Siraisi on drums

*** with Jay Rodriguez on saxophone, Uli Geissendoerfer on keyboards

[First 'Stop Breakin' Down Blues'; "Daddy tired" rap by JB after 'Thought Sausage'; 'Here Comes The Sun' tease by Dave after 'Drums'; Groove Collective opened; Last 'Sweet Leaf' - 03/30/98, 279 shows]

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