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Toronto Long Weekend.


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What's happening this weekend in Toronto, other than CTMF? I see Holy Fuck's playing Lee's Palace Saturday...other than that, anything?

If I see that afro'ed kid Jakis...I'm gonna smack his ass.

Haha, I won't be in town luckily. I am either going to ottawa or ctmf. I really don't want to go to Ottawa and have to deal with my sens fan friends. Unfortunatly, I think the sens will when the stanley cup.

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chk chk chk played last night! motherfucker! i would have loved to see that. ah well.

they were a lot of fun. only played for about 70 minutes, but at that level of energy, it's hard to take more - especially in a sweaty sauna like it was that night. half the band was shirtless by the end. nic commented, "we asked Holy Fuck to warm things for us, but this is fucking hot!"

they came on at midnite and left just after 1am. sold out show. really loud! heavy heavy in your face bass and drumz. they played a bunch off the new album, like must be the moon and heart of hearts as well as some old stuff like intensify and is this thing on. lead singer nic offer is captivating, but bassist justin vander volgen is absolutely amazing!! dance-punk is what they call this band, and the bass drives it all. one of the guys from holy fuck came out and played the last song with them too. well worth the $15 ticket!

we've gone to see a bunch of this sort of band lately: ! ! !, tv on the radio, lcd soundsystem, modest mouse. having gotten sirius satellite radio a year and a half ago, have been exposed to all sorts of new bands and im loving most of it. especially nice is being able to see them all in such small venues.

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