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everyone should download the vinyl rip of the 1977 album. my roommate just dug it up in an old box, i jumped on oink and sure enough there it was. (actually, they released a second installment just 1 year later, but I haven't listened to it yet).

its sooo nostalgic, and damn awesome even by today's standards. If any of you have kids, this is a wonderful record.

ahhh what the hell...


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kooky, I'm nominating you (and anyone else associated with making this available) for a Nobel Entertainment Prize. I was a huge fan of The Muppet Show when it ran originally (and believe it to be the best family show of all time), and owned a copy of the record; to have it and be able to listen to it now, well, words fail me. "Cottleston Pie"..."Halfway Down The Stairs"...the backing vocal arrangement on "I'm In Love With A Big Blue Frog"..."Bein' Green"..."What Now My Love" (listen to how the drums and backing vocals slowly, almost imperceptibly, build)...

I had a not-great yester-day, but listening to this at home over dinner lightened my mood enormously; the utter and total sense of whimsy, combined with the perfect execution of the whimsical stuff, brought a large smile to a frowned-out me.

I thank you!



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