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Pita Pizzas


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We've been making more pizza at home these days since realizing how perfect the pita pizza is. I picked up some fresh pita from the Lebanese Bakery on Somerset today along with their inhouse falafel, but after work, the craving for luciano's pepperoni and medium provolone kicked in so we've dressed up our pitas and they're in the oven as I type.

fresh whole wheat pita (large)

pizza sauce (unico)


green peppers

red onion

hot italian sausage

the best italian pepperoni

medium provolone

We've found that layering is very important. We've been putting sauce->sausage(cooked)->peppers->mushroom->onion->cheese->pepperoni

The pepperoni on top is essential as it basically fries and gets a little crispy. Are there any other layering suggestions.

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Do you just section the pita into wedges, or do you open it up first (so that topping goes on what was the inside of the pocket)? The few times I've done pizza toppings on a pita, I found they didn't really adhere well to the outside of the pita/pocket (probably because it, already having been cooked, already had a crust to it).



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I made a nice pita pizza tonight: salami with some hot banana peppers and brick cheese in place of mozzarella and crushed black pepper. You can use any of the brand canned pizza sauces. Heat in a toaster oven on toast. Use a pan.

I used to believe that until we found THE sauce to use. I don't have the brand on hand as it isn't something you would get from any grocery. We get our pizza supplies from an Italian shop and they have some imported canned goods. Next time I get the sauce I will take a photo and post it so you can find it. Believe me, it will change your pizza experience.

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