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playing bass with Chris Mulligan Band

mark tonin

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I've mentioned this to a few people and in another thread, but I am excited about this current musical project so here goes!

Chris Mulligan is a friend I've known for a while. He's a singer/songwriter/guitar player with lots of original material. We've jammed together a few times in the past, but over the last 4 months I've spent a fair bit of time learning some of his original material and working on some songs with him, a keyboard player (Gary Kreller) and a drummer (Andrew Nowak). It is starting to come together nicely, and a few weeks ago we did a live off the floor recording as a way of documenting where we are at musically so that we can work to make things sound even better. A couple of the live recordings (no overdubs) are now up on his myspace site ... Red Lights and Pomoja. Give them a listen if you have the time ... I'd love your feedback. Some of his studio recordings are also up on the site.

Chris Mulligan myspace

We'll be playing our first show on Sunday at 4 pm at the Come Together Fest ... looking forward to that!

Peace, Mark

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