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Euro 2008


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Ready to roll?? Saturday morning is the first game, Switzerland v Czech Rep. Group C is clearly the most competitive group and Group D is my pick for what will be the most entertaining. The only teams really without a chance are the Swiss and Austria. I think this might be a Spanish win or whoever wins group C. With Scotland out Im gonna have to throw my support behind Romania just because I like to see teams play giant killer.

Group A [color:red]Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey

Group B [color:blue]Austria, Croatia, Germany, Poland

Group C [color:green]France, Italy, Netherlands, Romania

Group D [color:orange]Greece, Russia, Spain, Sweden

Official UEFA site

F365 Euro site

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Great. My neighbour is Portugese and hes having all his buddy's over on Saturday to watch the game. Not a portugal fan - however his frineds are gigantic and look like gangsters so for the sake of my son still having a father by the end of the day Ill have to be cheering for whatshisface pretty boy and his team.

More than likely though, ill try to find a Turkey T-shirt tonight ;)

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