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Avery plays the "sloppy seconds" card!


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I think a big factor in the suspension is that he went out of his way to make the comments. The reporters did not approach him, he approached them and began speaking. This kind of talk happens on the ice all the time but to go out of your way to broadcast it on television is ridiculous. Give him 5 games and tell him to save that talk for the ice where the people he is talking about can do something about it.

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I think even Avery realized how embarrassing he was being about halfway through his little speech. At least that's how I read his body language and tone of voice.

to me it looked as though he thought it was funny and when no one laughed half way through his schpeal, he bolted.

Funny to hear Matthew Barnaby commenting on this on TSN this morning. 2 of my most hated players ever.

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