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Spinal Tap acoustic tour


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I also suspect that the actors who play the band-members could earn a pretty decent dollar doing something else that night. They aren't exactly lightweights in the entertainment industry, desperate for work.

Exactly. I'd rather see them tour and perform improv/sketch comedy (with a mini-acoustic Tap set)

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Live Nation presents


An Evening with Christopher Guest,

Michael McKean and Harry Shearer

Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 8pm

Massey Hall | $59.50 - $49.50

Actors, directors, musicians and comedy icons Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer are doing something they have never done before; performing a six week, 30 city multi-media acoustic tour without wigs and electric instruments. Unwigged & Unplugged has the legendary musical and comedic trio performing music from heavy metal’s loudest band Spinal Tap along with the folk music from A Mighty Wind, and more.

FRIENDS ON SALE: Tues March 10 at 10am

PUBLIC ON SALE: Thurs March 12 at 10am

A limit of 4 tickets per FriendsFirst account applies.

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I actually didn't buy tickets. I decided not to, as I am usually so busy during weekdays that any evening out is always more of a burden than fun.

Are you coming to Toronto for this Carstairs, or are they also playing somewhere else? If you're coming here, that would most likely change my mind back to ordering some tickets.

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