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The Music Never stopped In ottawa


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that was a great party, time flies. more people should play at the carleton. what a hoot. I have all these shows on videotape. my buddy chris paul organized this show with these guys, he audio taped i videotaped. anyone want to throw this show on dvd. peace

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Way to go Booche, you'd think you'd be able to correctly spell the name of a band that you played in but still .........

Blue Grassie High was so bad they could turn gasoline into goat's piss.


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Because if you're going to tease someone about spelling you should spell things correctly yourself
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Great (fuzzy) memories of seeing these guys at the Upstairs Club/Perfect Strangers' date=' the Pit and Chateau Lafayette many many moons ago with Sloth and others.


Good times.

Speaking of which, I think today's Yukon John's 40th if you want to fire him a message (or maybe you're on top of that stuff)!

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Ok....maybe it's time for bob to get his buds!!!

Anyway it's nice to read this post as I am the guitarist in question here.

I miss those days as well...I suppose that's the nature of having had 'those days'...

We started as you may recall at the gathering in memorial for Jerry just after he died; we played the Laf totally unrehearsed and just made it up on the spot. It wasn't until quite some time after and many requests that we decided to do it again....and again.....just to keep the Deadhead spirit alive. I always thought of us more as an event than a band....

We never planned that last show as being the final but there seemed to be some kind of an intuitive understanding that maybe it was....we had played as TMNS for ten years since Jerry's passing (we couldn't believe it when we realized it had been ten years as we didn't feel like a band that had gotten as good as one should after playing together for that long).

We had been talking about going different directions as far as keeping the same vibe but adding original music and panning out since some of us had originals and the Dead themselves seemed more ready to keep on with their legacy. In the end most of the band decided to move on with their personal lives and not continue at all. You can see with my signature below that I have kept up with the writing of the music that moves through my soul some of the others have done the same..and everyone's doing something or other....

This music will always be with me and I will never let it go and I will always honour my muses...that's just me.

I'm getting the urge to get it happening again (well I never lost the urge) but don't see the need to have a Dead tribute band since they are doing it themselves again.(of course I'd be up for anything from time to time just for the fun of it). I know from the past that you don't need to play only Dead to have a night of music with similar results.

I don't know if anyone around here remembers Longbottom but that's where it started as far as Ottawa goes and the jam band scene hereabouts (back then there was no such thing actually-it was long before PHISH etc...). We started playing around town in the early to mid eighties and had many riotous nights at the Laf, Downstairs Club etc etc and played whatever we wanted in 'Dead fashion' so I know you don't have to be a tribute band to make the magic happen (or let it happen which is more accurate). It wasn't long before other bands formed such as Gold Nugget Express, 4 Way Street etc and we had quite a good scene for a few years.

Longbottom had the same fate as TMNS in that people just moved on and left that crazy music part behind....

Perhaps if we had more resources it would have been different but we hit the wall. Our biggest event was the Earthball which ran for many years until it got so big that we couldn't find anywhere to do it that didn't require insurance etc which was all beyond our means.....so we let the (Earth)ball drop there and life went on; at least back then there was always Dead tour to look forward to.....

....jeez...quite an essay eh?.....

Anyhoo hey I would like to check out any footage people may have as I was just recently saying what a shame it is that there was none....maybe I was wrong. I didn't know anyone had any video of TMNS and have never heard any audio recordings (that's something-in all those ten years I only ever heard about ten minutes in total of anything we ever played.....?...)

I have a dvd recorder if the footage needs to be transfered (in real time unfortunately) but I think it would be cool to see if any video is worthy of posting somewhere......I've thought of expanding my website (see my sig below) with any archival Longbottom (am I imagining things or was there some video of us at Barrymores when we opened for Hawkwind or closed for Days of You) or TMNS stuff that isn't too embarrassing.....

I've also been asked recently if there was any Longbottom stuff that could go on Archive.org and the answer is that I have tons of cassettes that were given to me for safe keeping that cold be transferred to digital.....but I doubt I will get around to much myself so if someone wants to tackle this let me know. Be warned that some of these tapes are twenty years old or older so I wouldn't want just some wahoo with an old Walkman to take this on.

Also be warned that some of the Longbottom stuff is to my ears quite hard to listen to (as I recall). We had a great drummer (dave Bissessar) and a great bassist (Joe Burns) but the rest of us were just learning and our keyboard player had the habit of selling hash as he was playing so would lose track of what he was doing.....I was such a beginner that i remember the first time I played electric guitar was the first Earthball at Glenn Macintosh's when Chris Swain gave me his SG before we played and I said 'cool thanks'....well we played Franklin's Tower and when I sang 'if you get confused listen to the music play' I ripped right into a solo upon which I remembered that I had never played a lead solo in my life-that may be caught on tape as well....I don't recall......

Anyway that's quite a rant but there it is.

And for the record I loved playing with Blue Grassy High and Dr. Huxtable and thought at the time that we should have done it much more often but for some reason it never happened......alas..

ever anon

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Bye the bye if anyone is interested I'll be posting two new 'albums' to my hydrophonica site sometime soon but there is just one song (as there always is) that is misbehaving.

Also in those cassettes I mentioned there is probably some old Gold Nugget Express, 4 Way Street and Straight no Chaser and Vick Fraser stuff from days gone by at The Manoir Des Rapides.....anyone remember those gigs...they were quite epic....

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No great story unfortunately. We never actually named ourselves as we kind of organically morphed into a band-we never planned it. People just started calling us that so we went along once we had a need to make posters etc.

As you might not be surprised it was mentioned a few times that the name may offend some so since we were offensive enough we decided to use a name that would not be in itself in any way offensive unless we could offend everybody equally at once.

It's funny that I hadn't really thought about all this stuff until the other night when I was at the Laf with my stepson and stepdaughter (we had gone to see Serena Ryder and were rewarded by her hanging out with us and her band for quite a while after the show!!).....anyhoo I was reminiscing about how I had played there since the eighties and what a wild scene it always was.

There was something about the Laf that whenever we played there even as Longbottom that the place would be overflowing into the street with hippies dancing on the tables and out into the street.

In the Longbottom days we would start in the early afternoon with the Gold Nugget Express or 4 Way Street or Cabin Fever or whoever and go right til closing (actually usually until after closing) so by the time Longbottom played I guess everyone was quite primed.

As I sat there with the kids (23 and 26) I was approached by a couple of nice ladies who said 'hey didn't you used to play in Jerry's Kids-geez we used to have a blast-hey we used to dance on the tables and everything...' We talked for a while and I can't believe I didn't get their names except I'm not really surprised that I am such a space case.....

Anyway the timing of that and this post-makes me think it's time to get out and about a bit....I've had an over riding urge(nt) to record my songs which have built up over the years and have made good enough progress (quantitatively if not quality wise) that maybe other things can come more to the forefront.

May as well follow the signs....

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Let's do it. We don't have to stick to all Dead format-whatever everyone wants to play.

Me old drummer from Longbottom has been wanting to play too.....Terry Calder is always up for music too...multi instrumentalist so can fit in anywhere he likes....

....doing followspot for Greenday tonight so gotta go but hey if we can make joy in this world why not do it eh?

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