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Dr_Evil_Mouse @ Bridgehead!


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Hello again folks!

I am excited to announce that our beloved Dr. Mouse will be performing at Bridgehead (224 Dalhousie @ Guigues) this Saturday between 8:30-9:30pm in celebration of Earth Hour.

Come by and enjoy some acoustic tunes by candlelight.

Hope to see you there,


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The Dr. once did me a kind favour, and came all the way to Toronto to play an impromptu show for a public running race my wife was organizing. (Apparently she was supposed "hire a band" - with no budget for musicians or a soundsystem, no input from anyone involved, and plenty of people willing to complain.)

He did it when asked at the last minute, for free, and rawked High Park hard.

Go see him, for sure.

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According to the Bridgehead blog, most (all?) of the Bridgehead locations will have acoustic music going on during Earth Hour:

Bridghead on Richmond – Brandon Agnew

Bridgehead on Bank & Second Ave - Will Armstrong and Allan Gauthier

Bridgehead on Bank & Gilmour – Matt McCarron

Bridgehead on Wellington – Marc Charron

Bridgehead on Elgin – Randy Hogg

Bridgehead on Beechwood – Kelen Santos

Bridgehead on Dalhousie – Dave Scully

Bridgehead on Grove – Elise Von Teichman

Bridgehead on Richmond & Golden – Ellen Francis



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