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Robert Plant last night


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I really enjoyed the show a lot. The band sounded great and Plant kept all the vocals comfortably in his aging range. The rearrangements of the Zep tunes were fantastic, loved that pedal steel on What Is And What Should Never Be (is that what it's called?) and the stuff I didn't recognisee sounded great too.

It was nice to see so many of you there, and very kind of Mother Nature to stave off what looked like an inevitable drenching downpour so we could convene together behind the 'ole tree.

Jazzfest is awesome.

See y'all for Elvis tonight.

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Totally agreed Velvet. Thoroughly enjoyed the show last night and the rain held off until just before the end.

Taking a look at the setlist, I'm surprised at some of the covers - Los Lobos and Porter Wagoner? Comparing last night's set with others from this tour, looks like we got short-changed by a couple of songs. Still, it was a great kick-off to the festival.

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I thought it had its peaks and its valleys.

The Los Lobos cover was great, as was House of Cards. There was also this song where it was quieter and darker, the lights were all blue, more texture-based, damn, that was my favorite of the night.

The non-Plant stuff was just alright. Some stuff bored me and I thought Gallow's Pole was going to blow up at the end, but it just faded out.

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loved the uncle tupelo cover off the recent album

in the mood was my favourite of the night

gallows pole was very well done

darrell scott doing satisfied mind was really good as well

the reworked zep stuff was interesting however misty mountain hop kinda made me cringe.

nice warm mellow vibe plant seems to be enjoying himself the more he becomes eric idle.

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