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Food @ Bluesfest 2011


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Hintonburger was a dissappointment today....

Stephie's burger was charred, Rosie's falafel was overfried and greasy, my Beau's burger lacked something.

Eating at the fest tonight....A staple for me every year is the fish and chips...may hit that up, and I've always gotta have chicken divine for the memories of past.

Definately no chicken poutine!

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i have heard a number of bad reports about hintonburger lately. like inedible bad.

looks like i missed the boat on that place when it was good! have always wanted to check it out, but no longer.

not sure who you're talking to. I've been eating there weekly with workmates and everything is always top of the pops!

I used to get the armstrong burger, but moved to the hintonburger. The bbq sauce gets put on during grilling and you get that lovely char (that dinghy is complaining about).

I would love to get this at Bluesfest.

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The new layout of the blues festival grounds has prevented me from patronizing the food vendors on more than a few occasions.

The food area is smack-dab in the middle of the area where most people enter the festival, causing a clusterfuck of a human traffic jam when the people trying to get a snack meet the arriving throng head on.

I really hope they re-think the placement of the entrances and the vendors for next year.

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Ditto re: Friday's...I'd have to say passable burger too though.

Fadi's is still a good poutine.

Rocked my meatballs off last night...Was walking away from the stand and I hear the woman screaming "WAIT WAIT!!!!" I turned around to see what's up..."i forgot to put the cheese on"

ANYWAYS...I'll give the meatball sub a good, but not a kickass like I did for the jerk chicken.

The meatball sammy was definately more filling though.

I swear I've put on 70 lbs since Canada Day.

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I didn't eat one damn thing from bluesfest. On nights when I expected to eat, by the time I realized it was eaty time, the lineups were long and I had no patience. I would just wait until I got home for either left-overs or a peanut butter sandwich.

I heard great things about the jerk chicken sandwich and the poutine looked true to form.

I don't understand why there isn't a vietnamese sub stand setup. Co-Cham would make a killing with there $2.25 subs. They could bump them to $4 and they'd still sell like hot bread.

Same goes for dirienzo's with a different pricing scheme of course.

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