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Dave's Picks Vol 1

Kanada Kev

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5/25/77 = The day that Star Wars opened

The Mosque

May 25, 1977

Richmond, VA US

Mississippi Half-Step

Jack Straw

They Love Each Other

Mexicali Blues




Lazy Lightnin'>


Brown Eyed Women

Promised Land

Scarlet Begonias>

Fire on the Mountain

Estimated Prophet>

He's Gone>


The Other One>

Wharf Rat>

The Other One>

The Wheel>

Around and Around

Johnny B. Goode

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I will never forget the time that a mutual friend of Dave and myself called Dave to get me into a sold out Ratdog show in Buffalo at the Town Ballroom (I ended up going with Baj, actually). Later on, our mutual friend called me and said that there is going to be a package delivered to me soon. A few weeks later I got this huge package...which I opened to find 20 brand spanking new Dick's Picks and a the Winterland DVD. David Lemiuex and my friend had thought it would be a nice gift...incredible.

I am happy to see he is getting his own series of releases. I look forward to hearing it...

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Phil's bass just knocked a candle off of one of my speakers!!! Sweetness



Grateful Dead - Dave’s Picks Vol. 1 (1977-05-25 The Mosque, Richmond, VA)

Chances are if you’re a Dead Head you’re already well-versed in the glorious spring of 1977. Back a year since their mid-’70s performing hiatus, and fresh from recording their Terrapin Station album in L.A. with producer Keith Olsen, the Dead returned to the road invigorated and excited that spring. There were fantastic new songs (including the “Terrapin Station†suite, “Estimated Prophet†and “Fire on the Mountainâ€) and their older tunes seemed imbued with new vigor and vitality. Every stop of the tour, which stretched from the third week of April (beginning at the Spectrum in Philadelphia) through the first week in June (back at Winterland in San Francisco), presented some new wrinkle or interesting variation on the repertoire, as songs were moved around, unusual combinations were explored and the septet continue to solidify and mature. Which is a fancy way of saying the band was on fire—y’see, there’s a reason why this is the ninth show from that tour to be released!

The song list from 5/25/77 might not reveal much out of the ordinary (though it’s great selection of tunes), but the playing is definitely extraordinary. The first set contains outstanding versions of favorites such as “Mississippi Half-Step,†“Jack Straw,†“Cassidy†and “Lazy Lightning†> “Supplication.†And the second set is primo-grade ’77 from start to finish. The buoyant “Scarlet Begonias†> “Fire on the Mountain†that kicks things off sets the tone, but then the rest of the set is a deftly played medley starting with “Estimated†and moving into “He’s Gone,†a primal drum workout from Mickey and Bill, a heart-pounding version of “The Other One†that’s split by “Wharf Rat†(the only time those songs were played in that sequence), a joyful “Wheel,†and then a double-dose of Chuck Berry to bring it all back to rock ’n’ roll basics. Talk about a thrill ride! — Blair Jackson


Track List

Disc I:

1. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo

2. Jack Straw

3. They Love Each Other

4. Mexicali Blues

5. Peggy-O

6. Cassidy

7. Loser

8. Lazy Lightning>

9. Supplication

10. Brown-Eyed Women

11. Promised Land

Disc II:

1. Scarlet Begonias>

2. Fire On The Mountain

3. Estimated Prophet>

4. He’s Gone>

5. Drums

Disc III:

1. The Other One>

2. Wharf Rat>

3. The Other One>

4. The Wheel>

5. Around And Around

6. Johnny B. Goode


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From what I've heard of it (just the listening party on their site) this sounds great! It sounds like Dave really lowered Keith in the mix in parts which I actually am happy about since Keith was getting into his being REALLY hard to listen to stage while the rest of the band was playing gloriously. Keith was still really good at times but had tired of the band (and life in general?) and purposely played terribly at times.....

As has been said Dave is an Ottawa guy that a lot of us know from 'in the day'......I had a lengthy dialogue with him last around the time the Sens were in the finals since he's a big fan of theirs.....he was also quite cathartic for me which I appreciate since I had some big personal stuff going on that involved a mutual friend and his legacy... He used to come to see my band in the old days and I think it was probably that same friend that turned him onto the Dead.....it was certainly that time in his (our) lives that it happened for us.....

Small world eh?

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