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if you live in toronto/thornhill.....come in.

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Toronto has a few major suburbs, one of which is Thornhill/Vaughan

This is a pretty weird mass email written by a pretty angry kid. It does sum up the area pretty well though.

This has been sent to atleast 600 people in thornhill (ages of 18-25)

Its a long read - but is partially worth it, see what happens maybe you will get into a groove maybe not.


this guy is fucked in the head, classic


Subject: Read this when u have a few minutes...THORNHILL KIDS

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 17:28:31 -0600

>>Thornhill, is a suburbian wasteland hidden under 3500 sq ft houses,

>>rich ppl and let's not forget my favourite type of Jew The North

>>American, I'm a doctor/lawyer/car salesman Jew husband with his I'm

>>a gossiping/adultering/plasticized slut wife and thier chronic

>>toking/roots wearing/YM reading/cum guzzling/stuck up/big

>>mouthed/cowardice kids (labels are assigned in whichever way suits

>>the family). Behind it all, is a pathetic "underworld" in which

>>stuck up brats spend their father's not so hard

>>earned cash on weed and booze, drive fancy cars before they could

>>even drive and attempt to appear as menacing as they can with their

>>'boys'. Yeah Boys is the proper fucking term. Like in the real

>>world as I have seen fom certain individuals to have come out of

>>Thornhill, not a single person from this shite suburbian sesspool

>>of fuck-ups can take care of the! mselves without resorting to

>>mommy and daddy's wallets BEFORE attempting to do the work

>>themselves! Like...Oh my god, You mean like work and junk? I don't

>>think so See the biggest problem with vaughan is that it's the

>>parents dream place, while at teh saem time a kids worst nightmare.

>>It is for this factor and this factor alone, that the parents of

>>the children of thornhill are so absorebed in their littel Dream

>>world that they can't put two and two together when there are

>>allegations >>of their sons selling dope or worse shit. (Like the

>>1am "mom I have >>to go out" phone calls didn't ring a clue) Or

>>they're so far

>>out of it that they wonder why they're little Sara, Tara or Kara

>>has been a cum guzzling slut since the age of 14. Are you that

>>fuckign naive that you purposely turn on Clarke so as not to drive

>>down Bathurst and pass Mac's and see your little angel smoking

>>dope, drinking, thinking he's from the

>>projects? And that's another thing THE PROJECTS. Lets think about

>>this one...hmmm...The Mackenzie King Housing Co-Op located

>>conveniently across from said convenient store. To give you an

>>understanding of how bad these guys have it let me describe to you

>>this little housing projects surrounding areas: First off it has

>>Westminster Public Elementary right down Mullen Drive where

>>there are fairly sized 18-2200 sq ft houses. About a ten minute

>>walk away three high schools Vaughan S.S., St. Elizabeth and yech,

>>Westmount C.I. Furthermore Westminster public has one of the

>>biggest school yards in the surrounding area. Bigger than Rosedale

>>even which lies in the center of this hell hole Bathurst and New

>>Westminster drive (also the locale of W.C.I. Understand the

>>coincidence?) To continue, it's about 5 minutes to get to the

>>Promenade mall, a mall where anybody who's nobody hangs out at !

>>from 12 noon till closing at 8pm and even then sometimes hang

>>around to do fuck all except sit around and talk about how tough

>>they are and how who's ass they'd

>>like to kick and repeat the same fucking drug stories over and over

>>again. Moreover, the entire surrounding area is engulfed in houses

>>some bigger than four or five trailer homes put together! Am I

>>being an asshole about our town? No! Being an asshole is what you

>>call those littel fuckers who hang out at Silver city or Colussus

>>(I can't remember on which steps they look cooler sitting on) while

>>causing incesant noise and nuisances to onlookers and passers by,

>>who happen to be going to [oh my god...] actually see a movie!!! I

>>think the best has got to be when they used to stare my ex up and

>>down like she was a piece of meat or try to make eye contact with

>>me and my friends only

>>to shite out after not taking our eyes off them after [my favourite

>>line...] "yo what the fuck you lookin' at?" Yo, I'll tell you what

>>I'm looking at. I'm looking at the sorriest piece of human garbage

>>to have ever stepped out from under a sheltered rock and into the

>>real world. I'm Looking at the most naive morons who think they're

>>gonna be able to half ass it through life and always have daddy's

>>wallet to cover them up. I'm looking at the next mother fucking 14

>>year old that's getting thrown through a plate glass window the

>>next time he steps up to me and asks for bud. I'm staring at

>>the next mother fucking teenager who's gonna have to remove pieces

>>of leather of my shoes out of his gums where his teeth used to be

>>if I hear "You got a problem?" or "What the fuck you looking at?"

>>or any other straight alec remark. I'm lookign at the next fucker

>>whose gonna watch me smash his brand new celica (which daddy

>>bought) with a Louiseville fucking Slugger. I'm ! also happening to

>>be looking at teh next fucker who I'm not gonna throw out any

>>words, no threats of bringing my boys to settle nothin', just a

>>striaght headbutt to the fucking bridge of the nose and a fucking

>>uppercut to the jaw. You want to know what Thornhill means to me,

>>It's a fucking naive

>>dreamworld where everyone walks around like zombies to teh problem

>>that plague the fucking city. parents bitch about other people's

>>kids never questioning their own. Kids bitch about how there's so

>>much bullshit and gossip and immature fucks when they're still the

>>ones contributing to teacher

>>breakdowns and rude class interuptions of the latest gossip or

>>rumour. It's a fantasy land created by the fathers of teh families

>>who wanted a quite and safe place to live for their families. Hey

>>shit heads remember Matti Barinovski? Sure he lived in North York,

>>but tell me where soldier boy Daniel Wiesz came from? or his little

>>followers. tell me where Dan Goldberg came from, little cock

>>suckign fag that he was? Or how bout Dom's favourite Matt Kirsh

>>(who by the way though I wouldn't know him by face) would be more

>>than happy to hold him down while you drive back and forth over his

>>body with

>>your car starting from toe to >>head. How bout Dave Appleton, Ryan

>>Manilla, Josh Goldenthal, wanna be bigshots that they are. Or oh I

>>don't know who else Jeff Gottesman, Jacob Berkenblit, Ari Gilary,

>>should I get my year book out? all assholes, all from Thornhill.

>>Maybe it's because they were assholes to me that I say this but I

>>say it nonetheless. You know how we can fix it up? yup, door to

>>door ass kicking and bitch slappings. Or even better yet,

>>undercover videotapings of guys smoking up and and girls guzzling

>>cum by the bucketloads and we put it in a mailed envelope to their

>>parents. But what's more, you address it to the dad. Imagine Mr.

>>Kozlovsky's face when little sweet 14 year old Tara, who while

>>isn't very smart makes it up in kindness and gentlehardedness, is

>>presented to her father in a 30 minute, graciously edited, video of

>>her day bitching out people less fortunate of her, being stupid in

>>school, smoking a joint and ending it off with the big finale of

>>her sucking off some grade 12 or OAC student. Or how bout Jake

>>commiting several acts of vandalism, smoking several types of

>>substances and ending it off by him fucking little tara up the

>>arse. And you know how we could make it better. At the end of the

>>movie, we show clips of the people the kids hung out with and

>>performed these acts. We freeze frame the scene and post up the

>>phone numbers of the kids parents introducing a highly diverse and

>>intricate web of pissed off parents and several guys going to jail!

>>for fuckign minors and girls never being looked at the same by

>>anyone again. So to sum up Thornhill sucks, and is shite...and it

>>sucks. In fact if I had anyway of deconstructing Thornhill brick by

>>brick and rebuilding it all over again, I'd build it just before

>>the earth's mantle about 22 km deep below the surface, where it's

>>nice and hot and that little pond up on Centre. St in front of the

>>Chinese Presbyterian Church (???) would be a nice pond of molten

>>rock and fire. Now do you understand teh concept behind

>>"ThornHell". I've rambled enough for the night. Hope you appreciate

>>my views. For those of you who live outside of Thornhill, i hope

>>you understand a bit more of why I hate it. For my friends living

>>there now...GET OUT! and for those of you whom I just described in

>>the piece that you've just read, do yourself a favour. Go to the

>>mirror, take a long hard look at yourlself, do us all a favour...

>>just snap your own fucking neck.

>>send this to everyone from thornhill!!!

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He was full of angst, but I hear what he's saying. I don't think he was saying anything racist-he probably IS jewish, by the things he was pointing out. He was/is probably bullied horribly by this group he speaks of. Needs therapy regardless.

It's not slander or libel unless it's NOT true(must be proven though). It would probably be pretty hard to prove some chick swallowed buckets of cum though-geesh, that's a lot of c%*ksuckin'!!! [Eek!][Wink]

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