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Good vibes and karma needed please!


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i might have a new job after tonight.

i've been asked to do a soundscape feature for cbc radio. if all goes well tonight and in the studio i just may have a gig with them.

i'm a little nervous...so any postive thoughts my way would be appreciated.

afterwards, i'm going to drop off that los lobos cd keri.

thanks folks

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When it comes to you and applying for jobs, my vibes are always the same: positive.

Good luck!

Also, don't fret about not getting any nibbles at CityTv/MuchMusic. It's hard to get " in " here. You just have to keep trying. But who cares? I'm sending you pro-CBC vibes right now!!!

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so far so good.

thanks for all of the positive thoughts.

i've done pretty much all of my field recording and now have to go into the studio and pound out a soundscape.

hey jeff, actually this job would be in windsor-essex-ck

hey jaimoe...keep sending those postings please [smile]

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