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  1. My sister is getting Married in a couple of weeks. I've supplied all music to videographer, walk in song, heady hora etc. Now she's asking for a first dance song. Who better to take this question too. Please suggest. Thanks!
  2. The Facebook page is wrong. First set is 9pm sharp. Show will be over by 12:15am.
  3. I'd love to see The Slip again. Its been years, think the last time was at Sasquatch fest years ago at the Gorge. I'm going to be in San Fran then but have my shows already lined up. Maybe they will still be playing after Furthur on the 30th.
  4. Its going to be a great show and very close to selling out. Get your tickets before Thursday.
  5. ASked a friend to put in for the 31st for me. He pulled 10th row floors for the 31st. Its going to be a great NYE. Where you guys staying Dave?
  6. 5th row Page side on the 28th and section 115 for the 30th. Denied other 2 night. KYS
  7. Plans in motion. I'll be there.
  8. Don't forget about this. I'm working on a hour Phish set Rory is going to Spin. Come boogie!
  9. Sounds great. However same night as Trampled by Turtles at the Horseshoe.
  10. We are throwing this party on October 29 in Toronto. Venue is great, no cover, dress up and dance all night. Facebook invite: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=277379752286625 Time Saturday, October 29 at 9:00pm - October 30 at 3:00am Location La Perla Bar & Cantina 783 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario Created By Meghan Slan, Gratefully Deadicated, Rory Levy, Amy Kirsh More Info Come join us for our inaugural Halloween RAGE featuring the sounds of the Gratefully Deadicated Soundsystem. And phriends, get ready for a very special musical costume set. Prizes for best costume may or may not include an original pair of Bobby's short shorts, Phil's wristband and/or Donna-Jean. No cover.
  11. Its really good. This was online about a half hour after they checked. We listened to it pre webcast.
  12. phunkyb

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    Good to be back. Thanks Bouche!
  13. Looking forward to seeing them in Toronto on Saturday. Anyone else plan on hitting the show?
  14. Rory spinning at someone's house all night. We are working on a venue. Unseen Strangers, CJAM, something to boogie too. What about a Mars Hotel reunion? BNB?
  15. There needs to be a good Halloween show in Toronto on the Saturday night of Halloween weekend. Where are the Fat Cats playing on the 28th? Whats happening in Toronto over Halloween? I may have to put together a Gratefully Deadicated party if nothing is going on, I need to dance!
  16. I'm going to come check this out after Wilco. Looks good.
  17. Heard Miami while on tour but now hearing strong MSG rumors. Still waiting...
  18. Whole show flowed great. Sabotage was fun to see. Trey Kinda screams the lyrics and it was a little cheese but boy do the Phish like phuuking with us.
  19. Technaflora is my buddies hydroponics company. He sponsors moe.down. I've only camped in venue area at new venue. Haven't even been into regular camping at the venue. Only thing I've heard is that its a bit of a walk to stage from camping area. Stage is great, main area has a great set up. Its super small too.
  20. I was lucky enough to catch this show after first night Phish in Tahoe. It blew my mind! Fishman came out and rocked for a hour plus. Line up was Travlin' McCourys, Emmitt Nershi Band and Jeff Austin. I was front row for this 3.5+ hour show. Fast ass Bluegrass to the max! Fishman played on Up on the Hill Where they do the Boogie, Whipping Post, love me 2 times, Rocky Road Blues and a bunch others. I would embedd the Video's into the thread but I don't know how. I'm curious about how to do it, can someone tell me please. Rocky Road Blues w/ Fishman Death Trip w/ Fishman On my Way back to the Old Home with Fishman Emmitt Nershi band - Good Times Around the Bend Travlin' McCoury's - Dark Hollow
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