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Grand Theft bus- FRIDAY!!


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Grand Theft Bus

Friday January 25, 2002

The Bayou Blues and Jazz club

1051 Bank St.

$6 at the door

2 sets of Fredtown FUNK!!

A Nugget Promotion

The Bayou assurs me the kegs will be full, bar will be stocked and all the glasses clean.... hahahaha... I bet we could still drink it all... at least now I know where to get some snoots when the bar dries up.... you know who you are

Barley Moe for pre show treats sounds like a plan to this man.

Any pre show or post show plans for Saturday?

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LJ, Me and Paul are thinking about going to ktown for GTB on Saturday too. You should do the GTB tour, toronto, ottawa, then ktown, and you can do lots of visiting and partying and catch some great shows.

Anybody else interested in going to Kingston on Saturday for a GTB repeat performance?

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well, my going depends on my ability to get transportation there... (rental car) but it would be great if you were all there.....

So I guess I will have to see what the situation looks like. But it looks good so far. Maybe we could all chip in on a cheapo place or something.??

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