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Alright, whoever is going to set this up for dinghy, do you think you could feed it into conference room A and B so I can watch the game during my radiation safety course? I was hoping to not pay attention to my boss and watch Team Canada kick ass.

Here are the details:

The room is equipped with satellite feed from the Civic campus, so somehow you'll have to commandeer the IS room at the Civic hospital.

There is a computer, LCD projector and TV/VCR, all of which can link into the satellite.

The Civic IS room may not have a cable hook-up, but just down the hall, the special procedures unit has cable, so you can splice into it.

That should just about do it.

Who's up for the challenge?

Who's got the skills?

I wish I didn't work, but got paid just the same.

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my plan for tomorrow....

call in sick at 5:30 am pst... pick up from 6:30 until 8:00. bart it home and shower.

crack beers and order pizza. jump up and down rooting for my boys.

hope the game ends by 3 so i can catch my flight to vancouver at 6pm.

party my ass down in vancouver tomorrow night celebrating team canada's impending gold medal...

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So I emailed The Team and here is the response for any radio listeners tomorrow!!

hey scot...

unfortunately, we don't. however don't fret. c.b.c. radio, whom we bought the rights from in the first place and wouldnt sell us the entire package because they want to keep the best games for themselves, should have the games.

they're at 91.5 f.m.

good luck... and thanks for listening (most of the time)


So if you only have a radio this better be on!

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Guest Low Roller

For the shielded building there's always the long forgotten secret of cable radio. I know for a fact that CBC has a cable radio station, but I don't remember what it is. For this of course you'll need a radio amp with a cable input. I'm not even sure they make those anymore. That's the best I can think of.

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