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Czone might be done


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Wow. That really blows. If it weren't for the Comfort Zone Toronto would have been without a lot of the great jamband shows that have passed thru here. Most of the time if bands don't play the CoZo then they don'y play in TO at all.

As far as the drug charges go, it might have been the Sunday raves that booked 'em but i know anyone could, at any time puff a doob in the zone anytime that they wanted to. Whether that counts as drugs these days i don't know but I suppose it was bound to happen. Its a sad day..

a s h e r

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It's funny how much the Comfort Zone was a mainstay of the scene. It was a given that it was always there. We all moaned and groaned that we had to frequent it... possibly because it was so difficult to admit that it did feel like home. God, I think I spent most of my formative years at that place. Walking in on any given "regular" night..... knowing that you'd know at least one familiar face.

I can't define how I thought I'd never miss that place until last night, sitting around, having a beer with a buddy and craving some live music... and feeling the void of not being able to go to the "dirty zone" as I so fondly call it.

I've seen some phenomenal bands there over the years... too many to name. I've had many memorable and un-recollectable evenings. The awesome bands that have passed through this year that I have been fortunate to catch have included:

> Burt Neilson Band

> Al from Moe.

> Grand Theft Bus

> The Sauce

> Blue Quarter

> Caution Jam

> Mike and Jeff from BNB

> One Step Beyond

> Jomomma

> Downtime

> Nero

> Friends of Hefner

> Mark Wilson

> The Hole and Corner

> Fat Cats

> Days of You

> Deep Banana Blackout

> John Butler Trio

> Smokestack

> The Smoothies

> Jimmy Swift Band

> Wassabi Collective

> Guesthouse

So let's raise a glass and smoke our respective favorite smokes and say goodbye to the Cozo and hope for a hello to other venues that will welcome so uninhibitedly great music and even greater people.....

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As much as I dislike the Un-Comfort Zone, I've seen many great shows there. Highlights for me are: Gov't Mule; Derek Trucks; Jazz Is Dead; nero; Jimmy Swift; Fat Cats; and catching Downtime's first T.O. gig. Oh yeah, I loved Caveman!!

Memorable moment: When Jazz Is Dead played, I got to pass along a " Hello " from Derek Trucks to Jimmy Herring - I talked with Derek in Kingston a week earlier and told him I was going to the Jazz Is Dead show in a week. I ended up talking to Jimmy for 30 minutes while he watched the Fat Cats do their opening act thing. He was quite complimentary too. Both Derek and Jimmy were cool. The only thing Booche asked Derek before the Alfie's gig in Kingston was: " How was it playing with Phil Lesh "?

Anyway, let's hope the Zone re-tools and comes back better. I'll still be going to the Silver Dollar and Grossman's on Wednesday, but it won't be the same without the Zone stop.

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Having grown up a music fan at the Comfort Zone, sneaking in underage and finally ending my life there in a working sense, I saw tons of fantastic bands go through the zone. Here's a list of shows I'll never forget, past and present:



Grand Theft Bus

Jimmy Swift Band

Burt Neilson Band

Blue Quarter


Disco Biscuits

Lo Faber Band


Merl Saunders (Oh yeah!)


Derek Trucks

Gov't Mule


Pucho and His Latin Brothers

Jazz is Dead

Groove Wednesdaze


Days of You

Fat Cats

Al from moe.


Yukon Cornelius

Mahavishnu Project

The Resonators

One Step Beyond

and to all the friend I've met there, groove wednesdaze I've seen and good times I've shared, thank you.

what a long strange trip it's been.

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I agree, I have been bitching about the Zone for years. It stinks, sketchy, but either way it was what you made it and I saw some amazing music there.

Richie Havens

Merl Saunders

Ominous Seapods

Derek Trucks

The Recipe

Jorma and Michael Falzarano

The Zen Tricksters

The Dude of Life


Burning Spear

Didn't Soulive play there also??

Thats just to name a few.

Good memories, good friends!!

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man... I just can't discribe how much this sucks. I remember when the old la luna's closed, it kinda feels like that... [Frown]

I know it sucks there, but man, I have been goin there steadily for my entire university career. I have met some great people there, had some kickass times..etc...

to quote joni mitchell.. you don't know what you've got till it's gone..

it's just another way the family gets kicked down one more time..

BUT... the music never stops man [Wink]

it'll come back someday.. [smile]

I kinda saw it comin though.. that place was in trouble anyways... [Frown]



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Yeah DDBB was amazing there, not what I had expected at all.

One of my all time favorite shows there was Robert Walters 20th Congress with Vinyl. That was one increadible night of music.

Other Zone highlights for me: Gov't Mule, Burning Spear, every Merl show, 2 nights in a row of Soulive and Jorma & Michael acoustic

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