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Whats playin on your cd player?


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My wife is upset about the recent passing of Stereolab's Mary Hansen (?) so we have:

2 Stereolab

KVHW (New Years HJ Kaiser SF 1999 - I was there!!! - pre first Other Ones New years post Jerry show)

Particle (wicked Live House from LA)

Pickin' on Zeppelin (has anyone heard these discs.....a friend just gave me Zeppelin and Pickin on Santana......covers by bluegrassy pickers - dobro, fiddle, banjo, mandolin.....it's wicked!!!!)

Isn't music EVERYTHING????

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hey mr pinchy.. where are you downloading the one for woody show? i really want to hear the black crowes part of the show with gordie on bass.

in the cd changer of my new jetta [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin][big Grin] i have Round Room, both bonnarro discs, a homemade megamix, marley (rastaman vibration), and manu chao.

if anyone here likes stanton moore (galactic's drummer) i'd suggest picking up his cd from earlier this year called flyin' the koop. it's so good. the line up is:

  • stanton moore - drums
  • karl denson - saxophone, flute
  • skerik - saxophone
  • chris wood - bass
  • brian seeger - guitar

it's a really tight, jazzy, funky album.


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Oh, you sent the link for Warren's Xmas jam. I thought you were talking about the One For Woody benefit show Sept 21 2000

Black Crowes were in between bassists, so Warren told them about Gordie from Big Sugar, now Gordie and Chris are good friends. I hear Gordie's doing some remixes for the Crowes.


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