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Allllright, here's your Bela Pix!


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Steve you're a very special young man. A girl actually asked me tonight if I knew 'you' and where she could find pictures tomorrow. But it's like tomorrow right now and you like fishing as well as booze. Cool huh?

What can you say about that messy business though. I really had to tune alot of it out just to cope with the whole situation. More news to follow.

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i didn't see you there last night Steve, but I'm so glad you took those pics. I'm really happy someone got the 2 saxes deal on film. The more I think about last night, the bigger the smile gets on my face. I've really got to start bringing my camera to shows.

Hey newrider, silly delhead garbage face picked me and not you! na na na poo poo! Driver always gets the extra! If you had got the ticket, you would have been piggy backing Del all the way to hamilton.

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absolutley ridiculous night last night. Just got home from work and all i could think about is HOW MUCH THEY KICKED MY ASS LAST NIGHT. One of the best show i have EVER scene talented wise. Every musician shined in there own way. Words cant even describe last night! Nice pics tube, your are getting mighty fine with your camera there bro. I took a tiny bit of zoomers last night and it was perfect man, sometimes i was just sitting there, and then i realized staring at the band with my jaw almost to the floor. And a bela solo banjo toboot. Please say someone taped this show, if this went untaped that is seriously dissapointing. Now to look at the rest of the pics, and hit a nice bowl to reflect on last nights festivities. I am one happy camper after last night!

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