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ween live in chicago DVD available at Best buy

Groove Fetish

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I hope that it is available at any independant retailers locally but if not- then best buy canada- it will be- I won't deny myself something just because some people won't/can't bring it in.


Ween Live In Chicago DVD

(Sanctuary Records)

Ween's first ever live DVD, filmed at The Vic Theatre in Chicago. This two hour concert includes all of your favorite songs, and features 2nd angle footage on three songs. It includes stereo and 5.1 mixes and has a bonus video of "Transdermal Celebration." The package also includes a bonus audio CD with 17 songs from the concert.

Ween Live In Chicago DVD :: Track List

» Buckingham Green

» Spinal Meningitis Got Me Down

» Pork Roll Egg And Cheese

» Take Me Away

» The Grobe

» Transdermal Celebration

» Even If You Don't

» Voodoo Lady

» Baby Bitch

» The H.I.V. Song

» Roses Are Free

» Mutilated Lips

» Chocolate Town » I'll Be Your Jonny On Th' Spot

» Touch My Tooter

» The Argus

» Zoloft

» Ocean Man

» Don't Laugh (I Love You)

» All Of My Love

» Big Jilm

» You Fucked Up

» Doctor Rock

» She Fucks Me (Encore)

» Booze Me Up And Get Me High

» The Blarney Stone

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I checked over at COmpact Music, but they don't think they'll have it until the 11th...

However, I received a tidbit of info about Ottawa Bluesfest.

They're working on getting WEEEEEEN!

Apparantly ween is doing a tribute to Graham Parsons (Sin City !) and may grace the Ottawa Bluesfest stage with that.

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WOW_ ohhhhh ohhhh ohhhh- I'm gonna blow my load over the idea that Ween- MAY even come to Ottawa- whatda ya think- we can show those guys that Ottawa rocks!!!

no problem on the research- that's what i do- and hey- Miss Pink- I have an idea I have to bounce off you- I've been meaning to Private message you- I'll get around to it this weekend as I am pulling the pieces of my life back together after Vegas.

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