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How do i get rid of the pouch under my abs?


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Ive been trying to get rid of the fat below my ab's...

For the past week I've been doing lots of sit up, pillates (I thinks thats wht its called) and the mountain stairs. Sure my ab's are alot firmmer and have took more shape but no matter what I do I cant get rid of the pouch below 'em.

Any one have any serious suggestions that would help me get rid of zee pouch???

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stop drinking beer. move onto vodka with water/soda water and a touch of flavour from orange or cranberry juice.

stop eating chips, cake, anything with the word 'chocolate' in it, bread (if you must, eat only whole grain), potatoes, rice, pasta etc.

aerobic exercise 3 times a week (pilates may get you there...i dunno)

do that for a month and you'll probably learn a shitload of new recipes with veggies and fruits.

Oh yeah, fucking NUTS are great for snackin' on if you spice them up with ASS ON FIRE seasoning rubs.

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Guest Low Roller

Reduce all carbohydrate intake like rice, noodles, bread and potatoes. Stop drinking beer.

Jog every day. Biking won't do it, and neither will rollerblading.

Good luck.

And if all else fails, there's always liposuction.

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you can drink beer if ya want - you just half to work your ass off harder. if you know you're going out boozin', hit up the gym for an extra 20 or 30 minutes before (or after - but usually it's easier to do before!)

there's also the ever-popular "e" diet... this one works wonders... you dance your ass off and lose your appetite for a few days! i dropped 10 pounds with this little miracle last year. i'm pretty sure that's what richard simmons does.

(btw i'm off the e-diet... the psycho mood swings i was getting wasn't worth it.. now it's the plain old gym for me ;))

good luck!

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Yep, I have to agree with the guys above. Low to no carbs and running. Situps are great to build muscle but you really need the aerobic activity to burn fat. Sweat as much as possible and try running in intervals for better results. (This is easier measured on a treadmill than just outside)

Minute 0-1 : Level one intensity (like a fast jog)

Minute 1-2: Level 2 intensity (bit faster)

Minute 2-3: Level 3 intensity

Minute 3-4: Level 4 intensity

Minute 4-5: Level 5 intensity (push yourself as fast as you can)

Minute 5-6: bring yourself back down to level 1 intensity.

Minite 6-7: Level 2

Minute 7-8: Level 3

Minite 8-9: Level 4

Minute 9-10: Level 5

Repeat again until you've done 20 minutes.

No bread, beer (the absolute worst), pasta, rice, potatoes, chips, cookies, etc. To avoid hidden carbs in foods, only shop along the outside walls of the supermarket.

4-6 weeks should do it, and then after that you may even want to stay lower carb. Who knows?

Good luck!

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Jog every day. Biking won't do it, and neither will rollerblading.

Jogging will definitely help.....but so will rollerblading adn biking. You just can't expect them to help if you're on a "stroll". You still gotta push it on the blades and bike (and go for the same length of time you'd go on your jog for.....not the same distance)!

And you have to have at it for more than a week to see the results - time adn persistence :)

Good luck

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Don't eat within about 3 hours of going to bed and try not to eat heavy carbs (pasta, rice, etc) beyond lunchtime if you eat them at all.

I've also been told that if you do your running/biking/walking in the morning, before you eat breakfast, you'll burn more fat - this is because your body will look for energy to burn when you start exercising and if you haven't eaten yet, your body will use your fat stores as energy. It'll also get your metabolism going for the rest of the day.

The best thing to do while exercising is to use a heartrate monitor - there's an optimal heartrate for burning fat and you should change the intensity of your workout (i.e. speed up/slow down) to stay at this heartrate.

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Don't cut out carbs altogether. You need daily fibre. Also, the Atkins-type low to no carb diets ( over a long period of time ) are bad for you, and are linked to kidney and heart problems.

Stop drinking beer ( which leads to colon cancer, high blood pressure etc... ).

Work out like a mother. When working out, lift weights FIRST, then immediately after, walk the tredmill for a minimum of 20 minutes. If you do cardio first and then weights, you end up burning muscle instead of fat. Note: lifting weights FIRST burns fat and establishes a raised heart-rate to the point of where you will have entered a fat-burning zone. Hence, when you eventually get on the treadmill, you will be already in a fat-burning zone.

Good luck. My problem is beer and pasta. I've switched to low-carb beer, but I still love my carbs.

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