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CanJam Community – A Comprehensive List


Adios – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Andy Warren Group – Vancouver, BC – www.andywarrenmusic.com

Beluga – Vancouver, BC – www.belugamusic.com

Brian Fowler Endosolo – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Brickhouse – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Copastatic – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Crowd Control Collective – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Delivery Bros. – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Doppler (D)efect – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Dubfreque – Vancouver, BC – www.dubfreque.net

Fidgital – Vancouver, BC – www.fidgital.com

Freeflow – Vancouver, BC – www.freeflow.ca -

Funkshun – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Funktopus – Vancouver, BC – www.mindgallery.com/funktopus

Fuse – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Grames Brothers Band – Vancouver, BC – www.gramesbrothers.com

Greenlaw Ave. – Victoria, BC – www.greenlawave.com

Inject – Vancouver, BC – www.inject.org

Kaejema – Vancouver, BC – www.kaejema.com

MetroGnomes – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Mynkxoo – Vancouver, BC – www.groups.msn.com/mynkxoo

Namedropper – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Lola Park – Victoria, BC – no website found

Rabnett 5 – Vancouver, BC – www.rab5.com

Rattlesnake Jones – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Remedy X – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Samsara – Vernon, BC – no website found

Santa Lucia – Vancouver, BC – www.santaluciamusic.com

Sekoya – Vancouver, BC – www.sekoya.ca

Slammin Jack – Vancouver, BC – www.slamminjack.com

Slow Nerve Action – Vancouver, BC – www.slownerveaction.com

Solid Earth – Whistler, BC – no website found

Sonicjoy – Vancouver, BC – www.sonicjoy.ca

Space Time Continuum – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Springer & Ducommun – Vancouver, BC – www.springerandducommun.com

Stem – Vancouver, BC – www.stemband.org

Stephen Franke & Noises from the Toolshed – Victoria, BC – www.stephenfranke.ca

Take it Home – Victoria, BC – no website found

Themasses – Vancouver, BC – www.themasses.ca

Threat from Outer Space – Vancouver, BC – www.threatfromouterspace.com

Todd Taylor’s New Vehicle – Vancouver, BC – no website found

Transit – Vancouver, BC – www.whorl.ca/transit

Wassabi Collective – Victoria, BC – www.wassabi.net

Zigabooty – Vancouver, BC – no website found


Recipe from a Small Planet – Calgary, AB – www.recipemusic.com

Moyo Combo – Calgary, AB - www.moyocombo.com

Taksi Quartet – Calgary, AB -

Blue Quarter – Canmore, AB – www.bluequarter.com

Grassroots Deviation – Edmonton, AB – no website found

Knee Deep in Grass - Edmonton, AB - www.kneedeepingrass.com

McGowan Family Band – Edmonton, AB - no website found



VibeRiders – Winnipeg, MB – www.viberiders.com

The Hummers – Winnipeg, MB – www.thehummers.ca

Moses Mayes – Winnipeg, MB – www.mosesmayes.com


Fat Cats –Hamilton, ON - www.fat-cats.com

Burt Neilson Band – Toronto, ON – www.burtneilson.com

Nero – Ottawa, ON - www.neroland.com

The New Deal – Toronto, ON - www.thenewdeal.com

Six Foot Groove – Hamilton, ON - www.6ftgroove.com

Electric Meat – Toronto, ON - www.geocities.com/electricmeat2003/index.html

Cavern – Toronto, ON – www.cavernmusic.com

Diesel Dog – Hamilton, ON - www.dieseldog.ca

Friends of Hefner – Brantford, ON - no website found

Bullmoose – Peterborough, ON - www.bullmoose.ca

Dr. Huxtable – Ottawa, ON - www.drhuxtable.com

Guesthouse – Brantford, ON - no website found

Doug Feaver – Hamilton, ON - www.dougfeaver.ca

Pocket Dwellers – Toronto, ON - www.pocketdwellers.com

Slackers – no website found

Jomomma – Brantford, ON – www.jomomma.ca

Rose Garland – St. Catharines, ON - www.rosegarland.ca

The New Shady Groove – www.shadymusic.ca

GruvAsylum - www.brownman.com/gruvasylum/

Crazy Strings – Toronto, ON - no website found

Harvard Mouse – Hamilton, ON - no website found

Erin Smith Band – www.erinsmithband.com

No Buds for Bob – no website found

Special Ed & the Musically Challenged – Toronto, ON - www.specialedmusic.org

Cool Blue Method – no website found

Passenger – no website found

Days of You– Ottawa, ON - no website found

Blue Grassy High– no website found

Mr. Something Something – www.mrsomethingsomething.com

Contact – Toronto, ON – www.contacttheband.com

Uncle Seth – Toronto, ON - www.musicface.com

Planet Earth – www.planetearthfunk.com

Caution Jam – Toronto, ON - www.cautionjam.com

Comfort Station – Ottawa, ON – www.comfortstation.ca

Riff Raft – Kingston, ON – www.riffraft.ca


Hiway Freeker – Montreal, QC – www.hiwayfreeker.com

Kid Koala & Bullfrog – www.kidkoala.com

Tala – Montreal, QC – www.tala.ca

New Brunswick

All of Green – Fredericton, NB – no website found

Catherwood – Fredericton, NB - www.catherwood.ca

Chillin Room – Fredricton, NB - www.chillinroom.com

Fat Jebus – Fredricton, NB – www.fatjebus.com

Grand Theft Bus – Fredricton, NB – www.grandtheftbus.com

Hot Toddy – Fredricton, NB – www.hottoddytrio.com

Melonworks – Fredricton, NB - www.melonworks.com

Naked Days – Fredricton, NB – www.nakeddays.net

Divine Heist – Fredricton, NB – www.divineheist.com

Lester Corp – Fredericton, NB – no website found

Chris Colepaugh & the Cosmic Crew – Moncton, NB – www.colepaugh.com

The Intergalactic Squid – Moncton, NB – no website found

Ted Neeley Beard – Moncton, NB - http://tedneeleybeard.tripod.com/

Range Life – Saint John, NB – no website found

Nova Scotia

Jimmy Swift Band – Halifax, NS – www.thejimmyswiftband.com

Barriomatic Trust – NS – www.barriomatictrust.com

Slowcoaster – Cape Breton, NS - www.houseofrock.ca/sloco.php

High Plains Drifter – NS – www.highplainsdrifter.ca

Prince Edward Island




Upstream Entertainment – Derek Arrowsmith - North Vancouver, BC – www.upstreamentertainment.com

Hipstar Productions – Craig Glen – Vancouver, BC – www.hipstarproductions.com

Black Sheep Entertainment – Keith Duggan – Vancouver, BC – keither7@telus.net


As-Yet-Unnamed Productions - James Davies - Calgary, AB - jamdavie@hotmail.com




U.F. Productions – Shane McCartney – Hamilton, ON - bongrecords@hotmail.com

Kick It Down Promotions – Brian Carson – Hamilton, ON – www.kickitdown.com

NLE – Charles Ketchabaw – Toronto, ON – charles@ketchytune.com

360 Degrees – Jay Cleary – Toronto, ON – 360@canoemail.com

Rock Crew Productions – Kingston, ON – www.rockcrew.ca

Nova Scotia

Below Me Music Productions – Craig Mercer & Gram Walker – Halifax/Fredricton, NS – www.belowmemusic.com

New Brunswick


Prince Edward Island


Again... if anyone can add anything to this list (bands, websites, contact e-mails, home bases, etc...) it is much appreciated.

Cheers from the Left Coast!


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Good sleuthing.

Days Of You website = www.daysofyou.com

(They gave it a tiny 'go' again in 2002, but I doubt they play too much aside from local Toronto gigs from time to time.)

"My favorite new band." - Dr. Timothy Leary (1991)

The wife and I took a day off from our honeymoon in Sept of 2002 to see them at the Dekcuf in Ottawa. Damn, I love that woman! They even 'first-time played' a couple of tunes that night. I was sure they were making another go of it.


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Could you imagine a CanJam festival where a very good number of these bands could play? Something along the lines of High Sierra or Bonnaroo for CANADIAN jam-music talent. I know there's Evolve, Come Together, the Shaker and a few others... but nothing that really goes for the gusto and attempts to bring the vast majority of these acts together for one HUGE 3-day/multiple stage MONSTER of a music festival!!

It is something I am very interested in attempting and have been looking at the potential for (costs, location, dates, availability of acts, etc...).

I'm sure if we found the right venue for it, and all the bands committed to it, it would GO OFF!!!

If we build it... they will come.

It's 9:15 pm and I just finished watching sunset here in Vancouver. I think if myself and some helpers/friends could pull it together, it would have to be West of the Rockies... but that way the Eastern bands could tour across the nation and bring out even more party peeps!!


I'd love some feedback on that.

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I'ld do it if there were some Phish shows at the Gorge and Portland I could see as well. So, either I start a Cannaroo, or end at it, but that promises nothing at the same time. I think it would be the only way you could get more of us in Ontario and east out there.

UNLESS, you had some MAJOR headliners there as well, that are the real headliners, like Moe et al. Even that aint enough, but if it was hard-core, its a possibility.

Nothing against any of these bands, but you have to be realistic. With all those bands listed, there aint any combination that would make me fly.

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We talked about it tonight and figured we needed a headliner each night.

Sooooo... Friday night? Garaj Mahal!!

Saturday night? The New Deal.

Sunday night? Psychedelic Breakfast?!!

Any Canadian that misses out would be slacking BIG TIME!!!

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I'ld do it if there were some Phish shows at the Gorge and Portland I could see as well. So, either I start a Cannaroo, or end at it, but that promises nothing at the same time. I think it would be the only way you could get more of us in Ontario and east out there.

UNLESS, you had some MAJOR headliners there as well, that are the real headliners, like Moe et al. Even that aint enough, but if it was hard-core, its a possibility.

Nothing against any of these bands, but you have to be realistic. With all those bands listed, there aint any combination that would make me fly.

I'll echo Booche exactly

Psychdelic Breakfast, Garaj Mahal and the New Deal I'll pay $15 each to see in town (or maybe 50 miles away in Toronto) but I wouldn't fly across the country unless there was the same draw as something like the draw to Bonnaroo or some super sweet outdoor venue like the gorge... would consider it to Trey's band or Phil and Friends or Robert Hunter or something pretty damn biggish (King Crimson?)

as far as Eastish Canadian bands go have a good look at the line-up for the Spring Shaker and note the enthusiasm that its drawing... its about $300 to get there (2 day drive) and back for most people plus a $50 ticket and people are way in

cheers and good luck... just being honest not pessimistic

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was wondering about Breakfast myself, have heard they were pretty good but are they a big draw out west?

was thinking I'd be more likely to pay maybe $6 - $8 for a first show locally as I don't really know much besides people having said they're pretty good

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The Breakfast (formerly Psychedelic Breakfast) are indeed good... but hardly headliner material... theNewDeal are on somewhat of a hiatus, and Garaj Mahal, while amazing, haven't drummed up enough support east of the Rockies (in Canada, at least) and therefore probably wouldn't be a good headliner either... You would need a couple of top "second tier" jambands (ie. SCI, Bisco, moe., etc.) headlining this festival to make it work, in my opinion...

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I got one for the list:

King Street Healers - Regina, Saskatchewan

If the festival was gonna be out West, we'd need some kind of travel deal. if you could work out a deal with the TRAIN that would be f'n awesome. Or maybe some buses. Or charter a plane!! hehe. Also half of those bands won't have the money to pay for gas to make it across the country. But it sounds like a cool idea and I hope we continue to discuss it!

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Psychograss would be a cool edition, but again, far from headliners... you might get away with STS9, but for the same money (I'm guessing, I actually have no idea), why not get Particle and have a rockin' Saturday night instead of a spacey tripped out one... Garaj Mahal would be ok for a Friday, but if the idea is to get bands that will draw fans half way across the country, I don't think Garaj Mahal is the way to go... Think big... Not Dead/Phish big, because we also have to be realistic... Many "big name" acts are more than willing to come to Canada, start with those bands: MMW, moe., SCI, Bisco, Govt Mule, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Little Feat, etc. Then start looking at less popular, but still recognizable bands: Garaj Mahal, The Slip, Addison Groove Project, Drums & Tuba, OM Trio, etc. Bands that have played in Canada before. Invite every Can-jam band and see what response you get, and fill out the rest of the time slots with good festival draws, bluegrass, jazz and "oddities". You've got to make it worth the drive, and one or two recognizable (at best) bands "headlining" this festival is not going to do that...

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I guess the East & West have very different ideas about who the quality "semi-big" names in this community are.

For one... STS9 SHRED on Particle... and aren't always 'chill'. If the crowd in front of them are givin'er... so too are the band.

Garaj may not have hit out there yet... but they certainly have here. My reasoning is that the bands from the US West Coast are big in the Canadian West... and the same for the East.

Moe., although SMOKING, continue to be a money losing prospect out this way for whatever reason... maybe because they're SO EXPENSIVE?!

Psychograss are no 'tier 2' band either. Any outfit that includes Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Tony Trischka, Todd Phillips & David Grier? 'Nuff said.

We're aiming at holding this thing in August 2005... so we have more than enough time to measure all the factors. Costs, availability, budget, lineup, etc...

I'm sure we'll sit down and look at all the bands, make some inquiries and lay out an outline before attempting to solidify any bookings.

Personally... I'm not the biggest Moe. fan anyhow. They shred... but not to the point where they earn their guarantee... at least not here in Canada. I'd be more inclined to go after STS9, Garaj Mahal, Kimock?, Psychograss, Keller, Galactic, 20th Congress... all those supposed 'tier 2' jambands.

It's an interesting proposition on how to go about succeeding at something of this magnitude UP NORTH as no-one's ever attempted it.

We'll have a little roundtable discussion and see what people are thinking.

Myself... if someone were able to put ALL the Canadian talent together in one multi-day festival without any 'big name' headliners per se... I'd be there. The entertainment value measured up against ticket cost would be well worth it... more so than with "headliners".

But that's just me...

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headliners shmeadliners...moe. shmoe...

I realize that my reading comprehension is questionable and admittedly I have been skimming this thread like a stone skipping cross a pond but isn't this whole discussion about canadian talent...like keither said...keep costs down and have all the bands out that you want to have that can make it out...

that is to reaise the question: is a reasonably priced well organized Canadian music festival of what I'd like to call INTERESTING!!! dance music(with workshops! combining people in bands who'd like to jam with other people in other bands a la Hillside festival)a viable option.?..

do we need big names to get people to attend...isn't life just a big assed party with a lot of good music anyways...who needs names...we're just looking to party with like minded folk wwho know how to have a good time...

Phish Shmish...Dead Shmead

Hey....I haven't even heard of me and I am me ...a rose by any other name would smell as sweet (If I could only rmember to wipe my ass)...Nuff said for today... Now...I'm going to go fire my whole publicity staff (me)....Peace!

P.S. Yeah...I do go on...

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