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Rose Garland w/ Harvard Mouse tomorrow night!!!


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Have a great show Chuck,wish I could make it but unfortunatley I am expected very early tomorrow to assist in empting my aunts apt.(she passed away last week),but know that I'll be there in spirit (shin kickin those KW folks),RG is always a treat for me,and the Lanc is an awesome venue,never had anything but a great time when I've been there.



(apperently I'll be the only guy at the Diesel Dog show in Hamilton)

And you base this on.....

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Mark, have a great show also and thanks for the consistance(sp?) of great shows at the Lanc.

Also not sure if I already said so but thanks alot for the discs,great stuff my friend.

Take care


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Thanks for the kind words and positive feedback. You did send me a Private Message a week or two ago about the discs I sent you. I did reply to your PM but when I checked my Private Messages recently it seemed like something was wierd about them, so I wondered if you ever got my reply to you. There was nothing super-important in my reply to you - basically it was some kind words back to you for your kind words to me. :) ::

All the best to you Greg, and I hope that we connect in the near future.

Peace, Mark

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