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Apparently they aren't releasing any $10 lawn tickets until the rest of the tickets sell out. It was last week that I heard that... maybe they've sold out by now?

i was told that they wont be having the lawn open at all for this event... hopefully im wrong and can slip back onto the lawn rather than my seat... i havent been to this venue too many times so im wondering how they'd keep the lawn closed off if thats what they end up doing...a fence maybe?

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curious indeed! well, i'm sure we'll find out one way or another (....i'm gonna find ya.... i'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha... one day... maybe next week... i'm gonna getcha...GETCHA).

oh, and to answer the question about no-lawn shows at the amphitheatre, there are gates to the entrance at one side that they close off, and they have security around the other entrances making sure nobody goes up there. hopefully they do open the lawn though, that's the best part about shows there!

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