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fun fun time blair and mud thank you so much for being the kind of people who bring out the best in everybody. a real pleasure to have the opportunity to share in all your sweet sweet vibes. and thanks for leaving all those platters of food at the cottage! we will have sandwiches for days. ::

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holy moley is right!!!!!! i'm having a bit o'trouble trying to think through the lovely holes i burned into my brain this weekend, but HOLEEEE COW!!!!!!!!!

first off, meggo = awesome. hahaha. chicky, you totally rock my casbah. thank you sooooooooooooo much for inviting us freaks up to your cottage for the most superfun of superfunnest after-after parties EVER! yay to dance parties on the beach! (i burst into giggles everytime i remember backbacon's stylish "wook dancing" moves... twirl, stumble, knock into people, twirl, stumble, deftly grab other people's beer &/or cigarettes when you bump into them, say brah, repeat. ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

mucho thanks also to swifty & the beautiful jen for hosting the pre & after parties at their lovely home, and OF COURSE, to babs & mud (& all those who helped make it possible) for the best stag & doe ever. SOOOO FUN! lots of skanc representation (even if the huxinator passed out early, haha), so great to see everyone!

put one of these: :: into font size bajillion, and yup, that's pretty much how it all went down.

thanks again! yay chatham.

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Ya, that was a ton of fun!! Meggo thanks so much for hosting all us shady characters at your cottage in the morning......what a perfect way to spend Saturday!! Out at the beach :: Mud was SOOOOOO sad she had to miss that....but her wedding shower was a success as well!!

THanks so much for the wonderful brownies too...YUMMY!!

Swifty and Jen, thanks soooo much for the after-party....had a great time! (And thanks for finding my wallet)

Hux, great meeting you.....and thanks for coming....hope the politickin' went well Saturday! I'm glad I got a chance to talk to you earlier on in the evening cause with all my running around later, it felt like I didn't talk to anyone til the stag adn doe was done!

Thanks also to Tonin, Tigger, Schwa, Simone, Marie, Ben, Sheena, Comebacqueen, Backbacon,Palace Princess, TC, Insta-gator, LMP and any other skanks I've failed to mention for coming down and helping make this one of the best experiences EVER!! You are all so wonderful and so appreciated!!

I'm still a lot slow today (compared to a little slow on most daze) so i may have forgotten names ::

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HOLY MOLEY is RIGHT! What an incredible weekend... i'm still floating!

Blair & Mud - the stag & doe was fabulous!! I had a great time... wonderful crowd of people getting messy together in celebration of a truly wonderful cause!!!

HUXY!!! So glad you came... and so great that you donated yourself as a door prize! Did anyone end up winning you?

Jen & Swifty - thanks for hosting the pre AND after parties! Haha, thanks for the tour of Chatham at 3:00am Jen, you're a great guide! And sorry you missed your party swifty (hehe) Hope Saturday afternoon with the kiddies wasn't too rough on ya's!

Meggo... BIG BIG BIG props to you, sweetheart! I can't tell you how much I appreciated the day up at your cottage! Thank you so much for having us! I enjoyed every second of our time together... getting to know you has been a blast! I hope we can do it all again soon... you kick SO much ass.

And Instagator... thanks for being the 'adult' and getting my drunk-ass, tequila soaked brain back home safe and sound. You're simply the best!

I've posted some pictures from the weekend. You can check them out on my site



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Ah, LMP you're the best......and your pictures made me howl.....love the tango :: :) THanks for being you!!

I knew I'd forgotten people on my thank you's.......you, PP adn Gator.....how could I forget 2 of my favourite people and Jay? ha ha ha ha!!

Oh ya my quote of the weekend was from Backbacon after we had finished cleaning the hall (around 8am) adn were about to head out to Meggo's.

"If a cop passed me right now and looked into my RAGING eyes, he'd pull me over for sure"

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Had a blast of a night in Chatham on Friday ... thanks for getting married Blair and Mud so that we had an excuse to have a blowout of a party on Friday ... as if the Chatham crew needs an excuse to party :: ;):) ... sorry I missed the beach on Saturday but I had to be back in Kitchener ... Tigger and I made it home safely by about 10 a.m.

And thanks Blair for that chocolate cake ... man oh man did it disappear in a hurry when I got back to Kitchener.

The bell just went ... gotta go teach ... looking forward to seeing all of you again soon!

Peace, Mark

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little pink dood those are wicked pics, hahaha!! i got mine back from the hall too, i'll have to put'em up when i get back to london... if i ever go back... it is ridiculously perfect here at the lake today and it's going to be hard to go back to the city! wish y'all were still here!!!

and now for my list of thanks.... my brain not up to the task saturday eve -

mud & blair - most fun stag & doe i've been to. nice to run into old chatham friends who i didn't know what happened to, and put faces to the names of some special skancs! great to meet you hux & hope to seeya wednesday in dirty town! and blair, stoked that you made it to the lake during such a busy time, great to spend some time. ::

to the ladies: SO FUN to hang out with you!!! a perfect mix of good conversation, silliness and dancing. becky and miranda you made my day, and awesome to meet more of the give'r gang girls, i'm sorry you got there a little later when my mobility was starting to crumble but i hope you had a good time!

keri - omg. too funny. thanks doll for being you. got some nice shots from the schoolhouse! heehee

gator - at last we have a chance to chat the chit! it was a lot of fun - i'm glad you guys got the train moving when you did - what a gorgeous saturday morning cruise!

schwa - i hope you have forgiven me for the crass voicemail... and that we are still friends.... but ya gotta understand man, it was gettin on in the day and we thought ya bailed on us... perfect timing coming up the driveway, though! ha!

jen and rob - thanks so much for the post-party, you are brave souls!!! and it was great to have you and the kiddies out to the beach, so glad you could make it!

tonin & tigger - great to see you!! kudos for making the trip and staying to the hour that you did. you are an inspiration!! can't wait to see you guys again soon.

and to the rest of the chatham crew or may/may not be lurking thru the posts... the constable, zeddy, chewie.... i luv you guys and it is always a pleasure! and kc - i did get a nice shot of you and the gnome chef before his unfortunate accident.... baaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa...

THANK YOU EVERYBODY! i love y'all tons and tons and you've left me smiling and smiling and smiling. :: :: ::

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Ya, what's this world coming to when Jay's "the adult"?

.....and I knew I forgot more people.....Zeddy, The Constable, JstSmkd1, Tara, Chewie. Thanks so much for being such rockers!!

Can't wait til we're all hangin' again!!

Mark - glad to hear the cake went over well :)

Meggo - saw your pics.....AWESOME!!

Pete and Tasha - can't wait til we meet up again.

Del - sorry it didn't work out for ya.....hopefully see you Friday!

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...how'd I miss this thread???...weird... ::

Anyhow - thanks to all! Swifty and Jen for the hospitality, Blair and Mud - for the party, Keri - killer tunes bro, great to put more faces to names on the board, and see some more familiar ones! Glad I made it even though I had to be fresh Sat. AM and kacked out on the after party. How sweet it was to wake up to the give'r gang in slumber just below me....awwwwww....

I'm in your neighbourhood till the 28th gang, if there's any other ragers, lemme konw! ::

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WOW is right!!

I had the BEST weekend that i've had in a long-ass-freakin' time!!! And super thanks to everyone for making it so great!! .....i"m so pleased to have finally met so many of the wonderful-amazing-super-dee-duper-crazies that I've heard so much about!!

Here's a hug and a kiss for both Blair and Mud for being such wonderful individuals......I luv you guys!!

Meggo--it was nice to finally meet you!!

Giver girls--->thanks for all the dancing!! Did I ever mention that I love to dance?

And to the audience at Meggo's cottage that put up with the first Puonjabbi rap performance ever to the famous MR. Wendel....thanks!!..hope you liked it!! (if you want an autograph from either Simone or I, we would be honoured :o) and to everyone else..............Let's party again!!

Love yas. xoxo. :P

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I have been truly blessed with the best friends that a person could ask for.

Blair and Christie, you guys just make me smile. I think i can feel the love from here.

I'm not much for sentimental banter but i would like to thank everyone for making it such a great weekend back home. Simone, Marie and Becky, great road trip ladies, i'm so glad that my friends in both cities have melded so perfectly, you have no idea how incredibly lucky i feel.

Meggo, you're wicked....and yes we're still friends ;) That day at your place was exactly what i needed after the debauchery that was the afterparty (deep breath)

KC, Chewy, Zeddy, Scotty McD, Cargo, Keri, Brian (my bro),Kuips, MIr, Tigger, TOnin, Jen, Swifty, EVERYONE!!!!!!! I love you all!

Dr. Hux, so glad to finally have met ya buddy, thanks for not stepping on me and the girls on the floor when you left, i had a feeling that you would after me tormenting you and calling you a sissy pants (tee hee) all night.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

PS - if you thought the stag was fun just wait for the WEDDING!!!!:) :) :) :) :)

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awww schwa that was sweet. i feel super lucky too to have such AWESOME friends, old and new!!! you people are the reason i get up the morning. and i think that to honour this, i will go do a happy dance through the house.

YAY wicked friends! *mwa mwa mwa*

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