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Coventry set 3


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This sounds fuckin great! I'm diggin this alright.... ::

I think they have to figure out how to configure it.

Yep,thats what I need to figure out,but I don't know if its a TCP (I don't think it is) or a UDP so configuring is not an option just yet.

I say turn off the Fire walls...!

Not a chance,if I still had two drives I would try it.

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sorry for the hasty exit last night...

near the end of that third set i was at first laughing about the sloppyness, but midway through that guyute things got really embarrasing (around the time i said i felt bad for trey)...

well after that i started to get really depressed, truely upset with the way trey/phish was playing...so i just shut my computer down a few minutes into Drowned, and went to sleep...

I've never had the urge to 'shut phish off' before...but this was a first...its like it was hurting me to listen to phish...

i know this is really morbid, but it was like looking at my dying grandmother on her last few days....

you just dont want to remember those times, you'd rather remember all the good times...

thats where i was at...just had to shut 'er down....

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of course, if i was there, i'd stay. Listen to this phan:

"I sat and waited in line for 20 plus hours, i left my car on the side of the road and walked in. I've waited my whole summer for this event, and now i'm leaving. Last night was too much. That third set was shameful. I was seven rows back, and Trey just wasn't there....He was there, but not. I hope tonight kicks ass. I know its possible. Set two was fantastic. I would like to keep that as a memory. I'm too afraid too see what today'll bring. Time to start the 21 hour drive home..."

Maybe today'll be the day...

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Thanks for providing the setlist dave-O - at least I have a small idea what's going down. And in tribute to those folks that made the long trek to Coventry and were sent home, I made a trip to the Peace Bridge border last night, made a u-turn, got searched at Immigration and came home. Unfortunately, my stupid trek was due to my own dumbass planning. I was on my way to the free Dickey Betts show in Buffalo, and when I went into the Duty Free, I met a dude from Buffalo who was wearing an ABB shirt but had no idea about the Dickey show. I got my printed info and directions out of the car, and realized that the show was ending an hour earlier than I had thought (at 10 rather than 11). Seems by the time I found the place, it would pretty much be over. And since Jimmy T hasn't been doing many shows recently, there was a good chance the shows at either Nietzsche's or McGarrett's weren't worth crossing the border for. Didn't realize it would be so difficult to get back into Canada when I hadn't even left, but I guess my studidity appeared rather suspicious. I sure am having bad luck catching live music this weekend.

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