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Ice Cream Truck Photos


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I listened to the Truck all weekend and seriously you don't even want to get me going. One of the most phenomenal concerts I have ever heard let alone them play. It is really just that good. I could easily write a few thousand words about my miriad thoughts on the whole thing (and will).

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So I do intend on writing a big piece but I just can't keep this back. This new song that is listed as My Landlord which everyone has been talking about is to my ear a straight hybrid of two Broken Social Scene songs. I haven't quite identified the body or verse but I want to say it's a slowed down Stars and Sons. The chorus is most definitely (%100) Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl with different lyrics. There is a sort of bridge that is uniquely the Slip where the My Landlord lyrics occur and it has the effect of hybridizing these two different songs. I find the whole thing fascinating and wonder whether it was just a comp in the setting of this concert or whether that is the actual song. The lyrics are all Brad's and they work really well on the frame of the BSS songs but I want to say my intuition here is correct.

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i dont know why the pics arent showing up in the thread, mine showed up in my preview at least.... anyways, look harder bouche, im in pic 1953... and i think there are a few of the young sisters, too...

and yeah, zero's bang on with the broken social scene thing, i never picked it up, but listening to it again, fu©k yeah.

also, i think Proud could easily be a Manitoba song, and i wouldnt know the difference. very similar in style.

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