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Roll Call: Slayer/Judas Priest @ Molson Amp.


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I'll say hi to them! ;)

Should be pretty dirty, I'm planning on drinking a 40oz'er of Rye.

You shouldn't be able to miss them,just look for all the HA's and the like on the floor,right side about 15 rows back.That is if they are allowed in with their colors on...

Have a blast \/\/illy. ::

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"My sinful glare at nothing holds thoughts of death behind it

Skeletons in my mind commence tearing at my sanity

Vessels in my brain carry death until my birth

Come and die with me forever

Share insanity

Do you want to die!

The waves of blood are rushing near, pounding at the walls of lies

Turning off my sanity, reaching back into my mind

Non-rising body from the grave showing new reality

What I am, what I want, I'm only after death"

you gotta love slayers lyrics, theyre like demonic tongue twisters!

you'll have a blast Willy, I seen Slayer again last year when they played in Mississauga it was amazing....better wear your studded leather wristbands and tight black jeans to this show.

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I'll be there. In section 203. Look for a dude with a black Trouble t-shirt (old school metal!) and a beard...

As it turns out I was in section 203 as well! (Row O, Seat 1 to be precise.)

Well, that was the LOUDEST concert that I have ever been to in my life. I had earplugs (the industrial type) in from the first note of the night until I walked out of the place at the end and my ears are still ringing. They must have had all the volume knobs set at 11 I tell ya. The show was real good fun though. Real good fun.

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Slayer was very good, Judas Priest was good but not as good as Slayer.

Not the loudest show I have ever been to there - that would be Iron Maiden and Motorhead last summer. Actually, anytime I have seen Motorhead (10 times since 1988)...

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motorhead was definitely the loudest show ive been to. i saw them play in kitchener a few years back.

slayer was more entertaining in my opinion, i saw them at the warehouse with sick of it all & meshugah (sp?)....all that rockin out..

not that lemmy didnt give'r like a mofo.....i think motorhead was also one of the longest sets ive seen a metal band do........

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