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Evolve Fatalities


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This stuff really breaks me up. From the sound of it this is the second 'asleep at the wheel' accident post-Evolve. One car flipped on the way out with the driver getting off fine although narrowly avoiding tragedy. This is all the information on the two fatalities for now.

It is with a sense of tremendous grief sorrow that I discovered upon my return home that two evolvers were tragically killed on their way home. Paul Scott and Christian Swim, both 22 from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia died instantly when their car was involved in a collision with an 18 wheeler on highway 103 near Mahone Bay. They were only one exit away from home. It is thought that Paul fell asleep at the wheel. The crash was extremely violent and the boys could not be identified. It was only when they did not return from Evolve by noon on Monday that Christian's mother phoned the RCMP and obtained details that linked her son with the accident. Christian had actually arranged another ride, but changed his plans at the last moment to travel with Paul. I have a slight attachment to both these boys in that I sit on a committee with Paul's mom and Christian's aunt and uncle are good friends of mine. Paul was at the beginning stages of a career in music promotion. Christian was getting ready to go fishing with his father and had plans to get his skipper's ticket.

I hope that you who are reading this post will take a moment to remember Paul and Christian in whatever tradition you pray in. For me, this tragedy served as a reminder that life is precious and tenuous. It can only take a few seconds of inattention to snuff it out.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who may still be on the road home from Evolve. May you arrive safely back home to your parents and loved ones. A few weren't so lucky.

Love, peace, and bright blessings to you all,

Jillian aka Yodamama

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That's so sad that it could have been prevented with maybe an extra hour of sleep... I saw a car flip twice after crossing into oncoming traffic on my way home from Evolve as well, the story is in the Evolve 5 thread.... Tragic, but geez... Get some sleep people!

Not to sound too harsh, but you could kill other people too with your actions and negligence.

I feel really bad for the families, any word on the truck driver??


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tragic, deepest condolences to their friends and families

remind all your friends to be safe... better off getting in a bunch of sh!t for being late than ending up dead... one of those dudes should've been awake enough to know it was time to pull over... know your limits, don't try to be a hero if you're not up for it

if you absolutely feel you must push it, do something overt like stomping your leg hard continuously or singing at the top of your lungs... if you can't continue doing that, pull over

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Thanks for the news Luke, though it blows. I was wondering about this as there were a lot of spaced-out kids, partying well into Sunday. I don't know if I met these two, or if that was thier scenario, but regardless, a real tragedy for them and theirs. The sun was so relentless for three days; I know I suffered some sun-stroke for the last 24 hours or so; Im sure glad I didn't have to drive anywhere come Suday afternoon. I will definitely be sure to give the friends who drove me out (safely) an extra-real thank you hug the next time we hook up.

If it's any consolation, I'm sure these guys have departed our world with the beauty of Evolve on their minds and in their hearts. Peace be with them (and their friends and families).

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