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moe. Gordon last night


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Mike Gordon....wow. Seeing Mike Gordon play with Benevento/Russo was by far the musical highlight of the entire weekend. These guys set the bar extrememly high for the rest of the bands to follow...I'm talking some serious prog rock action here...yes's round about...mike's song...and everything else was played with amazing execution. I really gained a huge appreciation for what gordon is able to bring to the musical table. Benevento/Russo are no slackers either...they were actually very generous towads Mike, giving him lots of space to explore, and shine..and he did. It was easy to see that this is a person who truly loves and is continually improving his musical endevours.

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Definitely the moe. Meat.

Cactus sat-in with moe. in Vegas 03 as well. Rob and Gordo were setting up a bass duel of epic proportions but Dickey Betts obliviously (drunk) wanked all over it. Can't wait to hear the tapes of this one.

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