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~ TONIGHT - SAT SEPT 25 > Moses Mayes El Mocambo ~

Jay Funk Dawg

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Big Muff Funk Presents...

Moses Mayes w/ guests Mania

El Mocambo (downstairs) Spadina/College www.elmocambo.ca

Saturday, September 25th, 2004


[color:"red"] Reply to this thread and you will enter the contest to win 2 possible prizes: a pair of tickets to the show or a copy of their new CD "Needle to the Groove"


Melding the sound and instrumentation of funk fusion with the irresistible drive of house, Moses Mayes's return to the spotlight has been fully realised with the release of their second outing 'Needle to the Groove'.

This house-rocking seven-piece band includes guitar, bass, turntables, vintage keyboards, drums, horns and percussion -creating a sound that any one can dance or bob their heads to.



Bring on the FUNK!

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I'm doing great. How are you? Looks like you're the winner...

im well thanks.

wow, easiest contest i ever won. occurs to me though, im at Nero that night, hope i win a disc and that someone more worthy gets da tix.

seriously, when this contest over, more folks oughta sign up , these guys were great the last time you brought em in.

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looks like you'be got some competition Mr. Slippery.. I'll pick a person at random on Thursday night.. so if you are still interested please respond..

I just caught the band at the Drake Hotel last night and they were on fire... There is a lot more turntablism in the show last night which was super cool, the bass player and the keyboard players are real stand outs in this band, they really define the sound of the band, however everyone is just awesome, great horn players and guitarist.

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The Moses Mayes show starts at about 10 PM.... with this catcherific rockin' band based out of Kensington Market called "Recordbreaker" starting it off... at about half past 11 PM or so, Moses Mayes will hit the stage with a full blown funk assault.

I'm running a DJ Night upstairs that goes until 3 AM... it will be a free afterparty type vibe with live Electronica (Live PA) starting after 2 AM.

here's the flyer: freshgrooveflyer.jpg

gotta jiboo....

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