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moe. adds more canadian dates!!

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:: ::WOOF!WOOF!HONK!HONKITY!HONKALICSIOUS! :: ::salivating and rolling around the floor in joy!!!!!!!!!YIP,YIP,YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES,YES,YES!!!!!!

THANKYOU!THANKYOU!THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......where's Moe-ron....she's gonna flippity,dippity,doozers!!!!!!!YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

......dogs gonin nutso from all my kickin and screamin and howlin here!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Howl away Howler!!!

Before I moved to Ottawa last year I made the journey with Tungsten and Tonin for this show....I wonder if they will make the same journey?!?!?!?!?

And it was after the show that I made my decision it was time to move to Ottawa....

So many "good feel" stories....(sigh)

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i guess its your mindset. i never found Stephen Franke to be down-tempo.

I see MMW as down-tempo. I see Stephen Franke in the same light as Kevin Breit. It may be jazzy, but that doesn't make it downtempo.

Never considered John Scofield downtempo, and i'd have to say that is who Stephen Franke most closely resembles.

Sure Nero could make the crowd move, but they have already opened....In my mind, the next best band would be Franke. Unless you can coax JSB to come and open.

BNB, GTB or the Fatties would be a better opener on indy style shows...Those three bands can actually write songs....something majorly lacking in our scene.

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Wouldn't it be more imaginative to have someone open that has nothing to do with the Canadian "jamband" scene? Like, they just come out and sing and play (gasp!) *songs* for an hour and then turn it over to moe?

I mean I really don't care, I won't be attending any of these shows but geez - this is getting ridiculous. Couldn't an opening act be chosen so as to put artists in front of audiences they normally wouldn't face? That seemed to be the whole gist of the "indie v. jam" thread. That and truth theory and bacon.

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BNB would be the best fit, in my opinion... If they play like they did at Evolve, it would be a fairly smooth grouping... My only Franke experience was at Evolve, and trust me, it was down-tempo, for the most part... JSB might not be so good, a little too dancy to be mixed with a rock band like moe. As for an "indie" act opening, I say boo... Not that I'm not up to being introduced to new music, I'm all for that. But moe. coming up here is a fairly big deal, and I'd rather hear something at least along the lines of jam, so that my buzz (both musical and substance realted) doesn't get shocked in a (possibly) bad way... True, nero opened for them before, and I'm all up for someone new opening for them on this run, that's why BNB gets my vote... Both moe. and BNB write actual songs, both are more of a rock and roll band, and, let's not forget, BNB just played moe.Down, and might have spoke to the moe. guys about getting the slot. This, of course, is just my opinion, I'm really going to see moe. and don't really care who opens...

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